OK, so Bernie still hasn’t grown any balls for his interactions with SJW freaks. He might just as well not run at all.

This is why I supported Hillary over him back in the day. The guy is not a fighter. The crazies give him a look, and he grovels. With all her massive faults, Hillary didn’t beg for mercy like this.


4 thoughts on “Wimp”

  1. I figured there’d be some kind of sex scandal thrown at Sanders to discourage a 2020 run. And I agree, he doesn’t have what it takes to deal with these issues. He’s just not that kind of politician, which is also why I was not a strong Bernie supporter.

    Sex scandals are the perfect distraction. There is a lot of real sexual misconduct, so it’s plausible, it’s hard to prove or disprove, and it’s often easy to set up someone for a fall with such a thing.

    Too bad it also makes it worse for real victims, but that’s the world we live in. (I have no idea if the accusations against the Bernie campaign are accurate or not, but merely thought it was bound to happen.)


    1. I don’t think any male candidate will be able to avoid this kind of thing. If you can scrounge up no accusations against the candidate himself, you can always tarnish him with him knowing somebody or standing next to somebody in an elevator who has been accused.

      There’s no point behind it any more. This is simply a ritual people replay for its own sake.


      1. —This is simply a ritual people replay for its own sake.

        and this is exactly why I believe that Sanders (or whoever else runs for the Democrats, Sanders is just too old, with all due respect) should just stop worrying about the intellectual masturbation of the likes of the author of the linked article. The democratic candidate has to run on a left-wing economic and anti-war program and ignore the SJW types (or pay them some occasional symbolic respect, as Sanders did, without turning it into the main part of the program). They also should stop worrying if they should always say “white” whenever Trump or Pence say “black”. If SJW types prove too strong and this will cost the Democrats the election – the lesson will have to be repeated again and again, until everybody learns the lesson.


        1. I have never agreed with anything you said more than I agree with this. 🙂 Everybody is always so worried about annoying to SJW types but why? They won’t vote Republican anyway.


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