Kids Today

I’m very very puzzled and kind of freaked out by these young people. Who’s with me that they are not normal?

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  1. “Who’s with me that they are not normal?”

    Chill out, every generation of adults that’s ever looked askance at the adolescents growing up behind them has felt the same. So did the world’s first caveman, a million years ago when he heard his teenage son banging away on the drums, and was sure that the world was going to the dogs.

    When I was in college, my fraternity brothers actively sought out pornography, then illegal and available only under the counter as “stag” movies and photographs.

    And we turned out all right. So will Klara’s generation, and so will her grandchildren.


  2. “Who’s with me that they are not normal?”
    Meh… isn’t this just a completely normal side effect of sexual liberation? In the current cultural climate with every possible sex act becoming blase and accepted how else can young people rebel against their parents except by a return to prudish social norms?
    Young people have some kind of need for disapproval from their elders and in terms of sexuality puritanism is the only way young people can get it now….


  3. Some radical feminists have been on an anti-pornography crusade for much of my lifetime. They collaborate in this in league with fundamentalist Christians.

    This has many frightening side effects. It forces erotica “into the shadows” which leads to problems. I have never visited any porn sites online, because I was always afraid that they could easily be identity-theft traps. I know someone who spent years in federal prison for possession of child pornography. He had no idea he had it, though he downloaded a lot of porn. The site he got it from was untrustworthy. It was found by police executing a search warrant on an unrelated issue, which was enough.


  4. If someone, based on personal experience, or based on research that shows porn is damaging (there is opposite research as well) decides to fight against it – why not. This is as good practice in civil activism as any. What bothers me is that large fraction of this fight seems religion/traditional values-based…


  5. Let’s look at context. First, Notre Dame is a Catholic university, so the fact that there should be a push like this on campus isn’t a complete surprise. There are a lot of religion-affiliated colleges that don’t care for porn. The issue for commercial establishments like Starbuck filtering content is that it creates a liability if something illegal goes across their wireless. If they’re not paying attention, then there’s no liability; same for employers regarding employee use of the Internet. Most have bans, but if they actually monitor content, they create a legal risk.

    Another part of the picture is a decline in reproduction among whites in the US. Since the recession in 2009, they’ve been shunning marriage and having kids. Sex is taking a back seat to careers. It makes for a more drab existence in my opinion. However, you have a growing number of people who are sexless, and their lack of interest in porn can’t be a surprise.

    Whether this is a temporary swing, or like in Japan, a permanent shift, isn’t known as yet. However, it underlies the Census projection that the US will cease to be a white-majority society within 25 years. The growth segments are Chinese, Indian (Hindu) and Hispanic — the former two due to immigration and the last from reproduction. Last year, I bid on a project for a large school district in Texas in which there was a requirement for surveys to be conducted in seven languages. Change really is happening.

    Mark Twain reportedly quipped, “Where would men be without women? Scarce, sir, mighty scarce.” That’s the Japan story, where they are now pressed to import a workforce.

    Finally, there is a bifurcation within porn between those who few sex as consensual fun and those who are truly bigots and women-haters. The extreme stuff is tough to stomach.


  6. This reminds of the culture wars of the early 2000s. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

    I can also confirm this a very Catholic drama, as someone who lives in a rather Catholic area. There was a big controversy when our city manager went to a strip club on a work trip (he can’t go to one here because our city doesn’t have any.)


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