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The Wall Is Racist

A gut-wrenching report in the Wall Street Journal today details the horrific violence, including torture and murder, suffered by women at the hands of men in Central America, particularly in the countries from which come the migrants trying to get asylum in the United States. That we have an administration that wants to punish these legitimate refugees facing death in their home lands is simply monstrous. You cannot call yourself the “richest” or “greatest” anything if you can turn away people fleeing from rape and murder.

Those men sound just great. I have no idea why anybody would want to build a wall to keep them out.

“‘When you have a woman, she becomes property for you, and only for you, no one else,’ said Wilfredo Cabrera, who is 24 and recently left a gang. The safe houses the gangs use to store weaponry, cash, and contraband are also used to imprison girls, some as young as 12 and 13. Gang rape is not uncommon.” One woman was kept in the basement of a safe house and regularly raped.

Racism is the only reason I can think of that anybody would object to having these gentlemen around.

Opioid Vending Machines

Canada has gone completely bonkers:

Ottawa recently granted approval of a B.C. pilot to distribute high-dose hydromorphone, a potent opioid, three times daily at supportive housing units and supervised injection sites. Drug users are free to use the hydromorphone as they please; authorities anticipate many will crush and inject the opioids to intensify their high. Moreover, the province has plans to grant “qualified” opioid users biometric access to vending machines of hydromorphone for drug users’ convenient consumption.

It’s a really bright idea to reward pharmaceutical companies for starting the opioid crisis with increased profits.

Pick One

You can’t be simultaneously for “free college” and against a dramatic increase in contingent workers in a academia. You’ve got to pick one and stick to it.

There is no way of justifying tenure of people who teach nothing but 10 remedial courses a year, which is increasingly what is being taught in the first 3 years of what used to be known as college.

Job Wars

This past year, regular contributors to Condé Nast magazines started spotting a new paragraph in their yearly contracts. It’s a doozy. If, in the company’s “sole judgment,” the clause states, the writer “becomes the subject of public disrepute, contempt, complaints or scandals,” Condé Nast can terminate the agreement. In other words, a writer need not have done anything wrong; she need only become scandalous. In the age of the Twitter mob, that could mean simply writing or saying something that offends some group of strident tweeters.

But it will never happen to you. And when it does, you will so deserve it.

It is truly funny that people form packs to hound workers and help corporations castigate labor in the name of progressivism. Or it would be funny if we didn’t know that progressivism today is all about ushering in fluidity.