We repeat: nothing for the ineffective, immoral and costly ‘border wall’.

— Nancy Pelosi (@TeamPelosi) January 6, 2019

I can understand “ineffective and costly”, although nobody can prove the ineffective part. But I sincerely don’t get how it’s immoral.

What’s eternally curious is how acceding to the dictates of capital is now formulated as THE moral issue at the heart of modern progressivism. And it’s not just in this issue of the wall. It’s in absolutely everything. Support for fluidity is now proof of one’s morality. God is dead; now capital is our God.

4 thoughts on “Immoral”

  1. Democrats don’t want the wall because Trump=bad, they wanted it when it was Obama because Obama=god…and they want eternal wars because Trump=bad.

    Trump has 1.5 years to get the wall done easily and he decided to not do it because he wants to keep the wall as a talking point for his re-election.

    Except for symbolic purposes, this wall will be utterly useless, but Democrats should let it go to hamper his re-election.


  2. I think by “moral” they mean “Do not offend or defy the ‘system’ and all it stands for”, as opposed to “moral” being about behaving and treating others decently.
    Words have literal definitions, legal/clinical definitions, and commercial meanings. Context is everything.


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