Oh, so what, now it turns out Bolsonaro is not much of a fascist either?

I’m getting so I’m about to have a fit if I hear anybody use the word fascism ever again. Which is a tad inconvenient, given as I’m about to co-teach a course where one of the lectures (not given by me, obviously) is titled “Mussolini’s Fascism.”

Speaking about immorality, how moral is it to appropriate the suffering of others and use words like fascism and Nazis in lieu of “things and people I don’t like”?

The worst part is that this Bolsonaro fellow sounds like a massive dick due to his disgusting neoliberal policies. And we all know how much I disapprove of those. But people have so screwed the pooch with crying fascism that now saying “he promotes neoliberalism” sounds like approval. Because as bad as it is, it doesn’t rise to the level of fascism.

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