The problem with the Green New Deal is not that it’s expensive or ambitious. The real problem is that it is created purposefully to prevent anything from being done on climate. Promising, within this climate plan, to establish a federal jobs guarantee and UBI in order to “mitigate deeply entrenched racial, regional and gender-based inequalities in income and wealth” is a more polite way of saying “fuck you, losers, and your loserish concerns about climate.” I can kind of vaguely understand not wanting to bother with climate but you don’t have to mock it.

We have this expression in Russian which is actually a quote from a very good Soviet novel: “I’ll give you this and that and a key from an apartment filled with money.” It’s used to mock people who ask for things. This plan reminded me of it.


3 thoughts on “Mockery”

  1. You can use that Russian expression when dealing with “needy” relatives who ask you for special favors
    …especially relatives whose weekly paychecks are 10 times more than you could ever hope to accrue in any given month’s time.


  2. That Fox News article is terrible. What’s not outright wrong is severely misleading or simply delusional and not at all supported by science.

    That said, I am fine with those items being in the Green New Deal. Those aren’t even the expensive parts. I actually read the entire House Select Committee document that AOC’s team wrote and it seems reasonable to me. When in doubt, go to primary sources, is what I usually follow.

    Fox News and their ilk are always going on about how to do we pay for this and that, when in reality we could’ve paid for the GND three times over with the cost of all our wars. And much more, too.

    If everyone thinks the GND is expensive, just wait till they find out how much not doing something like this will cost. That’s going to be a real hoot, let me tell you.

    The only good point the Fox article makes is the quandary of how to force or persuade other countries to comply. This is not easy, but even if only the US does these actions, it’ll still benefit us massively. It’s a win/win, except it will make some rich people less rich which is why there is so much pushback. As usual.


    1. When one considers how many millions upon millions of dollars the U.S. government hands out to major universities to research such things as “the sex lives of gnats”, or “how much beer a chimpanzee can consume before being considered legally drunk”, one wouldn’t be quite as taken aback by (as an example) the $5billion President Trump is asking for to “build a border wall”.

      If the U.S. government was more practical about only spending taxpayer dollars sensibly, only on projects of merit which produce beneficial results to our society this country’s deficits would be far less severe.


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