Bird Box Boycott

I’m boycotting Bird Box because the plotline where a woman in her fifties gets pregnant by accident from a one-night stand is ridiculous and offensive to my sensibilities. Yes, it’s a sore point with me but I’m really over the unrealistic portrayal of female bodies where women eat mountains of junk food and remain extremely slender (like in Gilmore Girls) or defy laws of nature and easily get pregnant while in retirement homes.

I won’t be able to concentrate on plot or acting because all I’ll be thinking about is that you got to be 30 years younger than Bullock to get pregnant accidentally from a single sex act. I just looked it up. She was born in 1964! There are pyramids younger than this lady. It’s creepy.

2 thoughts on “Bird Box Boycott”

  1. “a woman in her fifties gets pregnant by accident from a one-night stand”

    Actors rarely, if ever, play their real age I was assuming Bullock’s character was supposed to be in her 30s (I like opera so I’m good at separating the age of the actor and the role).
    Even then, a line in the dialogue on the improbability of the pregnancy would have helped (but her actor’s ego might have gotten in the way).
    I saw it and thought it was a bit over-rated (there’s one youtube review that rips it apart in terms of storytelling and film-making). One problem was that it wasn’t about maternal devotion (shoe-horned in awkwardly late in the movie) the children, utterly characterless, were props for her self-actualization as a brave and strong person (I can imagine what you think of that….)


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