Toddler Cuteness

There is a boy called Holden Klara likes at school. They are always playing together, sitting next to each other at circle time, it’s beyond cute. Once they had a fight, and Klara played with another boy to punish Holden, so Holden beat up the poor boy. They were broken up for two days, and Klara was moody and impossible the whole time until they made up.

In the morning, she comes into the classroom, locates Holden, comes up to him, and stands there, pretending not to notice him. He sees her, lights up, and says, “Hello, Klara!” Klara pretends not to hear and starts gliding away from the boy. But she keeps glancing covertly over her shoulder to see if he’s following.

Every day she does this; it’s hilarious. I have no idea where she learned it. And she’s good. No matter how much fun Holden is having at whatever activity he’s doing when we come in, she manages to get him to follow her while she pretends not to care. I don’t know how such little kids learn all these things.


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