Embracing Humiliation

Oh, goodness:

Bernie Sanders Apologizes Again to Women Who Were Mistreated in 2016 Campaign

He seems like an intelligent fellow. How come he doesn’t understand that these endless apologies and all this self-prostration only make the rabid wing even more rabid and turn off the normal voters? Nobody has ever managed to ingratiate themselves with the crazies. Their narcissistic woundedness is an abyss that can’t be filled. So why is he trying so hard? Who cares about them anyway? They are a tiny minority.

4 thoughts on “Embracing Humiliation”

    1. Technically he and I share the same generation but we have different sensibilities. I would never livestream my dentist visit and I’m not sure I would want to appear on camera for someone else’s livestream while I’m at my job.

      But I also wouldn’t know how to make it into something people would want to watch or as a way of making a point. The mundanity of a dentist visit and a dental hygienist talking about her family and where she grew up IS the point.

      My brother is a year younger and makes regular livestreams.

      Hey, make that panopticon work for you!


      1. “what a vapid snowflake”

        Decades ago in Rolling Stone, a writer mentioned that he felt like a particular celebrity (known for self-pity meltdowns during televized interveiws) had violated the writer’s privacy…. that’s what I think about ‘Beto’ displaying his oral cavity for the world…
        I’ve also decided my new nickname for him is now Du Beat-e-o, after the legendarily bad punk movie from 1984 (with a really great soundtrack, but other than that pphhhheeeewwwww)


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