I’m usually a pretty composed person in all sorts of situations. Just ask my students. I’m a haven of calm no matter what happens.

Back when I took 24 Hispanic teenagers with behavioral issues and criminal antecedents on a field trip to New York and they were exactly like you’d expect, I didn’t lose my cool for a second. The teenagers themselves said they were stunned with my self-control.

With Klara, people are also stunned with my unwavering calmness in the face of the worst tantrums.

Or when N called me 9 years ago to say he’d been fired and about to get deported. I was cool as a cucumber and got everything handled. And so on.

But I do become an angry, out-of-control maniac if somebody messes with my plans. The idiots from AT&T disrupted my carefully designed plan to work today, and I was absolutely rabid. And it’s really not that big of a deal. There wasn’t anything super urgent. It’s just that somebody messed up my plan, and I can’t stand that. My BP went through the roof.

It’s such a small thing compared to the really serious stuff I’ve had to deal with in life but this is the stuff that gets to me. It’s very ridiculous.


3 thoughts on “Plans”

  1. I’m similar. I think I should’ve been a trauma surgeon. The more catastrophic and stressful the perturbation, the calmer I am. Plus, I have super steady hands.


    Stuff that makes me blow my top off is always something trivial. I really fuckin’ hate it when simple things do work the way they’re supposed to or when people aren’t competent at/don’t give a fuck about their jobs.


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