The Real Split

On the conservative side, there is the vast majority of politicians who are the typical neoliberal fanatics believing in “wisdom of markets” and obsessed with wiping out the last sad remains of the welfare state. And there seems to be a nascent tiny faction that has started to wonder whether neoliberalism (aka fluidity or globalization) is as great as we are constantly told there is.

On the liberal (progressive, lefty, Social Democrat, etc) side, the split is between the rah-rah admirers of neoliberalism (think Hillary or Obama) and the folks who refuse to believe that the last 50 years happened at all (think Bernie or AOC). They don’t consciously support liquid capital but their refusal to acknowledge that it exists, as well as their insistence on acting as if we were still in the solid state of capitalism, make them useless in the fight against neoliberalism.

This is the real political split right now. Everything else is empty and distracting verbiage. I’m an idealist, so I always hope that the Left will wake up and go back to its roots of opposing the excesses of capitalism. In order to do that, it will first have to notice that the capitalism today is not that of 1969. This isn’t happening right now but maybe one day it will.

Memories Erased

It’s unbelievable how fast people erase their own memories:

He’s been president for nearly two years, and up until last week, Republicans controlled both chambers of Congress. At any point during that two years, Republicans could have passed a bill to fund the border wall, and he could have gotten at least $5.6 billion.

No, “they” couldn’t have passed the bill. Because there’s no “they” here. Paul Ryan is a fanatical neoliberal. He opposed the wall because – see above – he’s a fanatical neoliberal. This all happened very recently. What is this, sudden collective Alzheimer’s?

Trump was not an establishment Republican. Jeb was an establishment Republican and he was deeply into creating an even larger marginalized and exploited illegal class to please his big business cronies. Marco Rubio was an establishment Republican and he was the same. Trump savaged them on immigration during the debates because his is not an establishment Republican position. After he won, he had to deal with the deeply establishment neoliberal fanatic Paul Ryan whose only interest in life is to promote the deeply establishment neoliberal tax cuts and destruction of the welfare state.

This all happened like 15 minutes ago. How come nobody has managed to retain the memory of it? Jeez.