Memories Erased

It’s unbelievable how fast people erase their own memories:

He’s been president for nearly two years, and up until last week, Republicans controlled both chambers of Congress. At any point during that two years, Republicans could have passed a bill to fund the border wall, and he could have gotten at least $5.6 billion.

No, “they” couldn’t have passed the bill. Because there’s no “they” here. Paul Ryan is a fanatical neoliberal. He opposed the wall because – see above – he’s a fanatical neoliberal. This all happened very recently. What is this, sudden collective Alzheimer’s?

Trump was not an establishment Republican. Jeb was an establishment Republican and he was deeply into creating an even larger marginalized and exploited illegal class to please his big business cronies. Marco Rubio was an establishment Republican and he was the same. Trump savaged them on immigration during the debates because his is not an establishment Republican position. After he won, he had to deal with the deeply establishment neoliberal fanatic Paul Ryan whose only interest in life is to promote the deeply establishment neoliberal tax cuts and destruction of the welfare state.

This all happened like 15 minutes ago. How come nobody has managed to retain the memory of it? Jeez.


9 thoughts on “Memories Erased”

  1. Ah, a link to the newly-empowered magazine “Washington Examiner.”

    Just be happy that, unlike me, you hadn’t just renewed your paid subscription to the low-brow but frequently correct conservative magazine “The Weekly Standard,” only to receive a letter two weeks later informing you that the billionaire who owns the “Washington Examiner” had bought out TWS, was ending its publication, and had fired all its staff on very short notice (literally giving them five hours’ notice to clean out their desks and get lost).

    Why did he end publication of TWS? So he could grab ownership of the magazine’s subscriber list, and start sending them issues of “Washington Examiner” instead.

    Got my first issue in the mail today. At least the printed edition of “Washington Examiner” is twice as thick as the old TWS, so I won’t cancel my subscription.


    1. “the billionaire who owns the “Washington Examiner” had bought out TWS, was ending its publication”

      Oh that was hilarious. Watching the capital worshiping bloodthirsty psychopathic warmongers (aka neocons) bitch and moan and cry how the weekly standard was ‘murdered’ when the power of capital (and a very mild form of non-violent aggression) was used against them.


    1. It’s less Republican than Democrat. The Democrats have become the preferred party of the financial sector through willing servants like Obama…
      Republicans are small time grfiters next to the shameless thieves on Wall Street…


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