Like Mother, Like Daughter

Klara is learning to recite “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.” When she gets to “Away to the window I flew like a flash, tore open the shutters, and threw up the sash,” she recites it as “tore open the shutters, and threw out the cash.”

At least, she takes after me in something.

Big Business Rules

Look at how angrily and decisively the Big Business shut down the US government for a record period of time for trying to create a little obstacle for its most shameless form of profit extraction.

Just imagine what it would do if anybody really attempted dramatically to increase taxation or anything of the kind. That would not be pretty.

But it’s ok because nobody is going to try.

Snowed In

What is the ingredient you absolutely can’t cook without (aside from the obvious things like water or salt)?

For me, it’s carrots. I have no idea how anybody can make soup, stew, casserole, meat, or fish within carrots.

I just made some really great buckwheat and broccoli soup with a ton of carrots:

It came in very handy after building some snowmen. “Look, mommy! I’m a Russian girl!” Klara shrieked happily. Yes, she’s a tad overdressed but we are terrified of her catching a cold. We are old parents.

I love being snowed in.