Tipping Flight Attendants

Do you tip your flight attendant?

The idea seems very weird to me for some reason. It puts flight attendants on the same level as waiters.


8 thoughts on “Tipping Flight Attendants”

  1. That’s one of these rock bottom budget airlines and I would bet the tipping is part of the general proletarianization.

    My kid used to be a flight attendant, I’ll ask about this & see how he vituperates.


    1. “My kid used to be a flight attendant, I’ll ask about this”
      I’ve known a few flight attendants, one hated it as a job and quit as soon as she could, the others don’t mind the job besides the usual problems of dealing with that special…. entity known as the general public. Of course most passengers are fine but there are always a few charming souls who think that anything that goes wrong is the flight attendant’s fault and want to make sure to give them some shit about it.


      1. …he used to do these long, international flights that went to some exotic locale and let you stay there for a while, and where the passengers spent a certain amount of time asleep. One problem is that initially you really do not make a lot of money. Another is jerky passengers. I am sure he will scream no tipping, it will only encourage them, raise wages instead.


  2. Terrible idea!!

    If they’re working for tips, flight attendants will pay the most attention to passengers they size up as most likely to tip well.

    In an emergency situation, do you want a flight attendant passing out life vests, but there aren’t enough for every passenger on a full airplane — so the bad tippers get passed over and drown?


    1. When I think of tipped employees, I think of waitresses.
      Back in the day, didn’t the general public think of flight attendants as sky waitresses? And didn’t airlines imply they were sexually available and enforce appearance, age and weight standards?

      I thought the most important part of their job was making sure everyone knew the safety protocol for the plane that everyone ignores, not making sure you liked your airplane food. I can’t imagine tipping a flight attendant especially not on some cheapass airline like Frontier where they nickel and dime you for amenities such as having a carry-on bag. No, I’m not tipping on the thimbleful of peanuts you just handed me.
      And ordering booze and extra airline food is a terrible idea. Booze dries you out and the airline food just doesn’t taste as good due to the atmospheric conditions of the cabin which affect your tastebuds and your sense of smell.


      1. Hah. I wondered why airplane food always tastes so bleh.

        And yes, I agree that it’s supposed to be about safety. FAA regulates the number of flight attendants on each flight because it’s not just about service.


  3. Reconsidering “tipping” flight attendants after… the article describes it as being done by credit card. My new assumption is that a flight attendant would see none (or only a small portion) of the “tip” which is a way for the el cheapo airline to raise prices on its already hugely overpriced ‘services’.


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