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Random People

I find it extremely bizarre that there would be an international social media scandal because some French fellow said he isn’t interested in sleeping with 50-year-old women. [For those who don’t know, it’s some French guy, and I saw several long and passionate articles about the whole thing in Ukrainian, Russian, and Spanish.] Unless one is a 50-year-old woman who was planning to sleep with this particular fellow, I have no idea why anybody would be bothered.

Usually, by the age of 50 (and hopefully a lot earlier) people have their sexuality figured out to the point where they can’t begin to care about some random person at a random location across the globe not finding them attractive. But apparently I was wrong.

Book Notes: Horacio Castellanos Moya’s The Dream of Return

Yes, it’s been weeks without me bugging anybody with Castellanos Moya, so I’m back at it. Castellanos Moya belongs to the so-called Disillusioned Generation of Central American writers. Before this group started publishing, Central American literature mostly consisted of the very earnest and deathly boring “testimonial” writing about the Cold War-inspired dictatorships and civil wars in the region.

Starting somewhere in the late 1990s, Central American writers finally got tired of all this inane earnestness and starting writing real literature. And that’s why they are called the disillusioned generation. They have been accused of being ideologically neutral but that’s only because the accusers still see the world in the left vs right terms of the Cold War era.

Castellanos Moya writes about the costs of fluidity, which is why I’m obsessed with him. That’s hardly apolitical but his politics aren’t about the antiquated struggles between Cold War forces.

I won’t rest until I read all this guy has ever written. I tell you, folks, I haven’t been this excited about a writer since Rafael Chirbes.


Bezos’s wife took “creative writing” clases from Toni Morrison. It’s really funny that nobody ever asked the talented and famous Morrison who she took creative writing classes from.

Of course, the answer is that she didn’t. She did two regular old degrees in English literature of precisely the kind that are being wiped out to make space for this “creative writing” crap. Any course on social media management and personal branding would be more useful than these inane programs.

Aspiring Writer

Turns out Jeff Bezos’s wife is a failed writer. There is a subservient piece in the New York Times that portrays her as a victim of a supposed conspiracy of “independent bookstores” that refused to carry her book to exact vengeance on Amazon. It’s all ridiculous, of course.

The divorce gives this lady a chance finally to make it as a writer. She should publish a BDSM novel about a mega successful rich pervert called Smeff Smezos and his long-suffering wife who is an aspiring painter.