Aspiring Writer

Turns out Jeff Bezos’s wife is a failed writer. There is a subservient piece in the New York Times that portrays her as a victim of a supposed conspiracy of “independent bookstores” that refused to carry her book to exact vengeance on Amazon. It’s all ridiculous, of course.

The divorce gives this lady a chance finally to make it as a writer. She should publish a BDSM novel about a mega successful rich pervert called Smeff Smezos and his long-suffering wife who is an aspiring painter.

6 thoughts on “Aspiring Writer”

  1. See, I read the same piece and didn’t see her writing career as a victim of Amazon’s success.

    The market for literary books is much smaller than derivative works based on Twilight, so she wasn’t going to sell much anyways. I did some research a couple of years ago and the tracking of book sales, especially downloads, is abysmal. If you want to find out how many sales of the latest J.K. Rowling book were downloads versus how many were physical books, good luck.


  2. One hot take on the bezos divorce (FYI only – I take no position one way or the other)
    He’s doing it on purpose as a way of being ‘forced’ to divest himself of his over-valued stock and not get hit with insider trading charges.


        1. For this lady, it would be to realize that a novel “which follows the journey of woman named Jessica Lessing, a reclusive film star, as she emerges from hiding to confront her father, a con man who has been selling her out to the paparazzi for years. Jessica drives to Las Vegas to meet him, and encounters three other women: a teen mother, a dog-shelter owner and a former military bodyguard, who become her allies” is ridiculous drivel that shouldn’t be inflicted on humanity just because she’s rich and bored.


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