Bezos’s wife took “creative writing” clases from Toni Morrison. It’s really funny that nobody ever asked the talented and famous Morrison who she took creative writing classes from.

Of course, the answer is that she didn’t. She did two regular old degrees in English literature of precisely the kind that are being wiped out to make space for this “creative writing” crap. Any course on social media management and personal branding would be more useful than these inane programs.

7 thoughts on “Creative”

  1. She got her degree in 1992, so I guess English degrees were already gutted then?

    Toni Morrison has elite degrees as well, Howard and Cornell. But Toni Morrison is Toni Morrison
    and this woman went from a super elite Ivy League feeder prep school to Princeton and got married the year after she graduated from college.

    Tuttle won an American Book Award in 2006.



    1. I don’t mind Princeton having a program like this. Rich people,who cares. What gets me is that my school is obsessed with replacing a regular English major with a bunch of “tracks” in creative writing, editing, publishing, and a bunch of others that are supposed to be surefire money makers.


  2. Since my father taught a few creative writing courses (part of a local adult education program) I’m not going to dump all over the idea. I don’t think any of his students had any delusions of becoming great writers and had other goals including just writing for fun.
    I’d say that creative writing programs also have a place in the university curriculum as well (alongside not instead of traditional courses) not as a major of course, but as an elective course or two (especially for students from outside of the department) why not?
    And who wouldn’t enjoy a course on the writing process taught by a great writer? Artists are notoriously bad at having conscious knowledge of their process so a lot of what is learned might not be what they intended, but I’m sure it would still be fascinating.


  3. Based on my knowledge of creative writing programs (via a relative who teaches in one, so there’s my bias), the creative writers assign great novels, short stories and poetry, and the traditional English profs assign theory. At my state university, traditional English isn’t being wiped out by creative writers; it’s being wiped out first from within (by people who teach how to write zines, tweets, 25-word short stories, etc.) and by other departments who can’t understand why a police officer or hotel manager would ever need to read books.


    1. “Theory” isn’t even taught at places like Yale anymore, let alone less fancy schools. I was at Yale from 2003 to 2008, and no word scared professors more than “theory.”


      1. “I was at Yale ”
        You do realize that almost everything you write about Yale makes it seem like a giant fraud (and with it the entire idea of ‘elite’ universities), don’t you?
        How can you teach any humanity without theory (of some sort)?


        1. You are telling me? I was severely depressed for years when I discovered what it was really like. And it was a PhD program where we were trained to be scholars of literature. We were practically set up to never publish anything because what are you supposed to publish if you have no theory?

          I did an enormous amount of work completely on my own to become a scholar. But that was all after graduating with a PhD.


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