Real News about Russia

At least 40 gay men and women have been detained in Chechnya since the beginning of this year for the crime of living while gay. Two have since died as a result of brutal torture.

Professors Against Education

I’m telling you, folks, the higher education is being dismantled not by evil administrators, flakey students, or unfriendly politicians. It’s being dismantled by faculty. I’m observing this every day, and here is another example of a proposal that, under the guise of fighting against non-existent biases and discrimination, would infantilize professors and redefine what basic competence means in a dangerous way.

Right now, my union is fighting against the attempts to mandate an 8-hour-a-day 5-days-a-week campus presence for professors. Yes, the administration is pushing for it. But who came up with this proposal? A fellow professor in the Humanities. And it’s always like this. Every idiotic measure in higher education that I’ve seen has come from busybody professors with nothing better to do than make their colleagues’ lives harder.