Another Win for Fluidity

And the nation-state loses once again:

On Tuesday a federal judge ruled the Trump administration could not add a question to the 2020 census about citizenship status.

Dumb in Switzerland

Dumb fucks abound in Switzerland:

Police in Switzerland have defended fining a Muslim man the equivalent of £178 for saying ‘Allahu Akbar’ in public. They argued that people who overheard him could have mistaken him for a terrorist.

That is truly disgusting. These police should go do something about actual crime. There is absolutely nothing wrong, alarming or offensive about Allahu Akbar.

It’s Everywhere

The fluid elites are trying to browbeat the majority into letting them dismantle the nation-state in Australia, too:

Just days after Weiss left Australia, the annual Australia Day kerfuffle emerged. On one side, are the cosmopolitan, highly educated cultural elites, who believe that Australian history is nothing but a damning series of mistakes and crimes. They argue that the national day should be moved from 26 January, marking the arrival of the First Fleet, or ‘Invasion Day’, as they call it. These critics, who will take any opportunity to disparage Australia, were out in force on Twitter following Weiss’s article. On the other side, are the 70 per cent of Australians who oppose changing the date.

Those 70% should all lose their jobs because they are bigots and racistsandsexists.


We need to stop putting RSVP on birthday invites because nobody knows what they mean. Because it’s in French.

I just went on FB and had a moment of enlightenment because it turns out people think it means “let me know if you will be attending.”

Why is everybody using it if they have no idea what it means? Next time I’m just putting “let me know if you are coming or not” on the invite.

The Quijote Course

So finally I did go with the original, unadapted version of Cervantes for my Don Quijote course. I tried reading the “translation” into modern Spanish and detested it. It’s truly like the difference between phone sex and real sex, so bleh. I don’t know how the students will feel about it but at least I have an excuse to reread the original.

Thank you, everybody, who advised me to go with the original. I just reread the first chapter, and I’m in heaven.

Who Is Helping Russia?

In the past several weeks Saudi Arabia purposefully shrunk its oil production from 8,165 barrels per day to 7,523. This immediately gave an opportunity to Russia to increase its oil production, providing enormous support to Putin’s regime.

Question: what will help Russia more, if the US increases its oil output or cuts it down dramatically? Everybody seems suddenly very preoccupied with Russia and Putin, so I want to see how people manage simultaneously to contain in their brains “helping Putin is the worstest” and “the New Green Deal is the bestest.” It’s got to be one or the other. It simply doesn’t work otherwise.