Dumb in Switzerland

Dumb fucks abound in Switzerland:

Police in Switzerland have defended fining a Muslim man the equivalent of £178 for saying ‘Allahu Akbar’ in public. They argued that people who overheard him could have mistaken him for a terrorist.

That is truly disgusting. These police should go do something about actual crime. There is absolutely nothing wrong, alarming or offensive about Allahu Akbar.

2 thoughts on “Dumb in Switzerland”

  1. The amazing thing is that a Western European government agency dared to fine a Muslim for anything — isn’t Switzerland worried about being labelled Islamophobic??

    (If a non-Muslim had said that in public, he would have been fined for mocking a religion.)


  2. Switzerland is a really bizarre place. It looks a lot like its neighbors on the surface, but it gets really strange really fast when you start digging a little. They didn’t give women the right to vote nationwide until 1971, they spend huge amounts on their military despite having no real enemies, EVERYONE with lots money is welcome no matter how shady or corrupt, the country has no real head of state and is basically run by a committee with rotating “President”, and they vote (often publicly) on the craziest things. A few examples:

    This is about the requirement to have a nuclear bunker in your house.

    This is about direct votes, including people who wish to become citizens in small towns who have their application for citizenship voted on by the local community.


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