Who Is Helping Russia?

In the past several weeks Saudi Arabia purposefully shrunk its oil production from 8,165 barrels per day to 7,523. This immediately gave an opportunity to Russia to increase its oil production, providing enormous support to Putin’s regime.

Question: what will help Russia more, if the US increases its oil output or cuts it down dramatically? Everybody seems suddenly very preoccupied with Russia and Putin, so I want to see how people manage simultaneously to contain in their brains “helping Putin is the worstest” and “the New Green Deal is the bestest.” It’s got to be one or the other. It simply doesn’t work otherwise.

7 thoughts on “Who Is Helping Russia?”

  1. Well, the climate is what I am worried about, so of these options I’ll take the green new deal even if it “helps Russia.” BUT the problem is that saving the planet is an international effort, and we should really stop all other stupidity and get together on it.


    1. “the problem is that saving the planet is an international effort”

      Nobody is serious about that. On another board after someone was bemoaning the need to do something so I suggested a bunch of things that would absolutely reduced carbon emissions. The other person agreed with it all… except the one that would affect them personally…. (draconian increases in airline ticket prices to discourage all but a tiny fraction of present air travel, it turns out they travel for work and anything but airlines would be too expensive and time consuming….)


      1. Cars are about as bad as planes if you drive solo. The train really is the answer and you can work on trains, and they have wi-fi. The slow-down would be good for us.


        1. “Cars are about as bad as planes if you drive solo”

          Well I’m doing my part, I don’t have (or want) a car in Poland and use public transportation to get around town with very occasional taxi usage (two or three times a month). On the other hand, my plan travel (average two or three times a year to southern Europe) probably undo all that daily good…
          Trains in Europe are actually a lot more expensive than planes. A few years ago a night train from Bucharest to Budapest cost more than the flight from Warsaw to Bucharest (and roundtript to Budapest from Poland can be half as expensive by plane than by train).


          1. Yes, I know that’s how it is now, but it is very bad for the environment. And there is blablacar, and car pooling mitigates a great deal of the car pollution…


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