A Great Link on Yellow Vests

There’s a great interview in Spiked on the yellow vest revolt:

It is really difficult to oppose the hipsters when they say they care about the poor and about minorities. But actually, they are very much complicit in relegating the working classes to the sidelines. Not only do they benefit enormously from the globalised economy, but they have also produced a dominant cultural discourse which ostracises working-class people.

For me this is the worst part about the fluid elites. Not only do they want to rob you of all political and economic power, they need to use you to assert their (absolutely imaginary) moral superiority. All they do on TV, on social media, on blogs, in newspapers is constantly congratulate themselves on how moral they are and how superior to the racist-sexist-murderous hoi polloi.

Do read the hole interview. It’s good.

9 thoughts on “A Great Link on Yellow Vests”

        1. The institutional Soviet Anti-Semitism that came up with the code name “rootless cosmopolitans” to describe Jews was very wrong.

          But that doesn’t make the sneering, lecturing rich brats on TV who call the rest of us racistsandsexists any better.

          They both stink.


          1. Can we just acknowledge that we are playing with fire by using language in a fashion that demonizes people and should be used with caution? Note that I believe that the term “racism” has also largely ceased to be useful in our present discourse (with those who self-describe as such being the exception) because it now serves as a means of ending dialogue rather than facilitating it.


            1. I can call them sweet little honeys but that won’t change reality.

              As for a dialogue, I haven’t noticed much interest in a dialogue. What I have noticed is screams of “bigot!” the second one mildly questions any part of the dogma.


  1. I spent all day arguing with English faculty. The tenure track and tenured are falling over themselves to say the others are just as qualified and competent. The others are fawning over this discourse. What they are both arguing for, oddly enough, is the continuation of this ridiculous system where an Other hangs on because they have a tenured patron, and the tenured maintain privileges because these Others are doing a lot of work. Both groups hate me for saying all deserve real jobs.


  2. P.S. and I do not mean “real” McJobs, reducing everyone to that. Which is what the non-tenure track are for. That whole discipline has gone crazy, but they are going to win as discipline because they are so neoliberalized. (They make me sick.)


  3. ***and above, by “for” I mean, in favor of. Everyone wants a McJob, except for those who don’t have to have them and are just saying it to seem nice. Disgusting.


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