What’s He Smoking?

I always suspected Beto was a stoner but I hoped he’d remember to sober up for a big Washington Post interview. Apparently, he’s not capable of doing that:

“You will ensure death,” he said of Trump’s proposed wall. “You and I, as Americans, have caused the deaths of others through these walls.”

Whose death? What is he even on about? What does any of this mean?

He’s a weirdo.


10 thoughts on “What’s He Smoking?”

  1. I hope he gets the Democratic nomination for President in 2020!

    To ensure victory, the Dems should put a woman of color — Hawaii’s Sen. Mazie Hirono would be an excellent choice — in the VP slot.


          1. “She should join AOC on a ticket in 6 years and they can be hot and stupid together.”

            Yeah, the two of them together could definitely, to quote AOC’s most recent tweet, “run train on the progressive agenda.”


  2. “Run train” or “pull the whole train” is common American vulgar slang for participation in a sexual gang bang. The expression has been around for decades — there’s no way that AOC could have grown up in the Bronx, as she claims, and never have heard it.


  3. Wow! I just know that when asked what to do about visa overstays, he said “I don’t know.” This man ran for Senate, how does he not have an answer? The answer, of course, is that he’s too scared to take a stance on anything because then he’d alienate some voters. But nobody wants to elect an empty suit.

    This takedown by the Washington Examiner is spot on, though unlike the writer I’m not sure he’ll fade into irrelevance:



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