Big Switch

A really great article about the big switch I talked about earlier:

[Traditionally] the Republicans were the country-club party, and the Democrats were the union-hall party. [And today] to the extent that the United States has a self-conscious proletariat, that proletariat is Republican.

I keep dreaming that Democrats would turn back to the proletariat and will stop being so subservient to the country-club snowflakes. Let’s see if my hope is justified and the 2020 nominee will represent the proletariat and not the flakes.

It gets even better:

The Republicans, for their part, have devolved from the holier-than-thou party of the Moral Majority to the prolier-than-thou party of Donald Trump, the party that talks about the “Real America” in accents purporting to be Texan but native to no part of the Lone Star State, the party of Duck Dynasty and bad FM country music, the party of such daft rube-bait as “intelligent design,” and the party that sneers at many of the most successful parts of this country.

That’s so true. And in the meantime,

The obsession of the Democrats in 2019 is not foreign policy or fiscal policy or monetary policy but etiquette — that’s what all these Twitter-mob episodes are really about: Developing rules of speech and conduct of complexity and ferocity that would have baffled the court at Versailles. And the most successful Republican strategy in recent memory has been flouting that etiquette.

And I honestly can’t judge anybody who is tempted to take a big steamy dump on this constantly expanding rulebook of good manners that they rich and the leisurely keep refining into eternity.

The article ends hopefully:

The Democrats’ excessive pseudo-refinement is a tendency that will eat itself soon enough. You ain’t never woke enough, so woke that you can’t be out-woked by whoever is up next. But the Republicans have a different problem: There’s always room at the bottom.

It’s true that Saturn always eats his children but it’s taking him a bit too long to eat this bunch up already. I like the optimism, though.

Funny Job Ads

This is really funny:

Two job ads from the University of Notre Dame were accidentally posted online this month with the names of the preferred candidates in the job title. . . Notre Dame discovered the error this week and had the ads — one for a visiting assistant special professional in the program of liberal studies and one for a visiting research assistant professor of engineering — removed.

These are not real jobs – visiting assistant special professional, what is that, even? – but it’s still funny.

Academic search committees are often forced to conduct fake job searches by idiotic HR departments. It’s ridiculous and here is the result. Academic freedom should mean that useless bureaucrats have no impact on academic hiring.


People say that I’ve changed. Politically, I mean. But that’s not really true. I’m actually way too rigid for that. I believe exactly what I always did but if twenty years ago these beliefs made me a progressive, today progressivism has departed so far from these ideas that holding them makes you something very different.

Take, for instance, the discussion about the citizenship question on the census. Together with other progressives I was always opposed to taxpayers funding capital’s exploitation of labor. Remember how we used to oppose the fact that Walmart or MacDonald’s employees were so underpaid that they had to be on social assistance? Right? I’m not crazy, am I? We were against that.

Well, I haven’t really changed. I’m still obstinately, outdatedly against that. Illegal immigrants are exploited by employers who underpay them and obviously provide no benefits. The tax payers are supposed to facilitate this by providing things that these exploited workers don’t get from employers. The census allows to calculate the amounts each area gets for social spending. Sneaking illegal immigrants into the census without remarking on their citizenship status ensures that they will be provided for by the taxpayers and dishonest, predatory employers are off the hook. I’m still against that but the progressive movement has made a 180° turnaround and is now aggressively, hysterically in favor of facilitating this exploitation.