In Need of a Parenting Hack

I don’t know if you, folks, have noticed but I no longer post genius posts – or any posts – in the morning. And here is why.

We have transitioned Klara from her crib into a big-girl bed because she finally figured out that a crib can be climbed out of and it became unsafe. Our pediatrician, a very experienced lady, told me a year ago, “Do yourselves a favor and keep her in the crib for as long as you possibly can do so safely.” And I now know what she meant.

Klara wakes up at night, several times a night, and comes to visit us. I’m turning into a total neurotic because it’s completely unpredictable. Today it was at 1:15 and 5:30. The night before it was at 2:30 and 4. And so on. It’s completely different from when she was an infant and I got up at night to feed her because her feeding times were like clockwork. She never cried once at night as an infant because I’d wake up 2 minutes before she did and start feeding her the second she needed.

But now it’s completely unpredictable and it’s messing with our heads. I get up, take her back to her bed, and she falls asleep. But I don’t. I stay awake, sometimes for over an hour, jumping up at every sound.

A friend of mine said her 9-year-old wakes her up every night under the pretext that she’s afraid to go to the bathroom in the dark. I said she’s a much better mother than me because I’m putting an end to this long before my kid is 9.

Does anybody have any suggestions on how to proceed? Has anybody figured this out and can share a hack?