I never could understand people who are following the Cohen / Mueller drama. But after today I really don’t get them.

Time to get a life, folks.

6 thoughts on “Befuddled”

  1. Hey, let me clear it up for you –not that you’re too stupid to comprehend the situation –simply that you have a real life, with real-world worries about toddlers who climb out of cribs, whereas I can follow the farce more closely, because I don’t have to deal with the errant behavior of any household creature except my house cat.

    Here’s what happened today in a nutshell. The popular website Breitbar (which is about as accurate as the classic print publication “The National Enquirer”), put out a story that it had documented proof from Muller’s team that Trump had ordered Cohen to lie to Congress. This would mean that Trump had personally ordered a subordinate to commit perjury before Congress. IF ACCURATE, this would have been the long-last smoking gun that tied Trump to the same crime that resulted in the impeachment of Bill Clinton and the forced resignation of Richard Nixon.

    Dozens of Democratic Congressmen and Senators, along with a parade of CNN and MSNBC commentators, pissed all over themselves today on television today, saying gleefully that “IF this report is true, impeachment is imminent!”

    Late in the day, the Mueller team (which normally NEVER comments on anything) put out an unprecedented response saying, “Chill out, everybody! The “Breitbar* claim is as phony as a three-dollar bill.”

    So after all the Sturm und Drang, the Trump haters are back to square one.


    1. It’s BuzzFeed not Breitbart. But they are identical so it’s easy to confuse them.

      I know Trump is not terribly smart but how can anybody believe he’ll order Cohen to lie in writing? Because that’s what documented proof must mean. This was ridiculous from the start.


      1. All day yesterday my blogroll was going nuts about how Trump committed a felony and now he’s getting impeached. And then oops, never mind. It’s ridiculous.


  2. I stopped following As the Mueller Investigation Turns…months ago? Ever?

    Nobody’s getting impeached. More to the point, there aren’t enough votes to convict in the Senate. To Pence’s everlasting disappointment, Mother is not hawking towel charms as the First Lady of Gilead but instead must bide her time in an evangelical school.


    1. I stopped a colleague yesterday with, “So. About these course designations that we discussed earlier. . .” and she interrupted with “Did you hear that Trump’s getting impeached?!?” And I was like, hell, he gets impeached and then unimpeached every couple of days but the course designations are still with us. But it was useless.


  3. The whole Mueller thing is like the Smolensk “investigation” in Poland, a political show for the benefit of true believers (and suckers).
    Constant hints and announcements of devastating revelations that… never happen.
    I can understand a person following it out of morbid curiosity about what they’ll come up with next but I can’t respect anyone who takes it seriously. It’s kind of like Star Trek for political nerds who want to distract themselves in a fantasy that’s more exciting than current reality.


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