We Are Just So Diverse

Turns out that an event organized by open and aggressive anti-Semites falls into the category of “women are not a monolith” and “the messiness of women’s diversity.” I wonder if it’s ok to refer to the white supremacist march in Charlottesville as a manifestation of “white people’s diversity.” I guess it would be literally true because most white people were, indeed, horrified by the March. Still, it would sound like an excuse for something that doesn’t deserve one.

I’m not seeing much difference between this and “there were good people on both sides.”

6 thoughts on “We Are Just So Diverse”

  1. I just saw an article on Jacobin (which I’m not even going to link) about how “elites” hate the women’s march because of its left wing agenda. Yes, the true anger is because of our hatred for medicare-for-all.

    Worst quote: “And what makes this offense so uniquely intolerable? Why not simply suck up — or quietly correct — the Farrakhan association, the way left feminists undoubtedly would a fellow activist’s association with Hillary Clinton or JP Morgan?”


  2. On a lighter note, the whole Marie Kondo uncluttering trend makes me think of things you’ve said. You might want to look into it.


    1. The article is easy to find by googling on the direct quotes in your comment.

      Seriously, what do you expect from a writer (Lisa Featherstone) who writes an “advice” column for “The Nation” with titles like, “I’m a Marxist-Feminist Slut– How Do I Find an Open Relationship?”


      1. I’m fine if people wanna search for the article themselves, I was just too lazy to dig it up again. I happened to have the quote handy.

        I expect nothing good from Jacobin ever. They’ve been terrible for as long as I remember.


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