A person in my field proposed that “it would only be fair for universities to stop considering candidacies from European and American white men for a decade. That would be a real commitment to diversity and a way for white male Europeans and Americans to understand what we feel. Our field is desperately in need of feminine [sic] voices.”

Words fail me to transmit the disgust I feel for such people.

5 thoughts on “Disgust”

  1. Related: do you have at hand info on how many unemployed or underemployed PhDs there are in Spanish? and MAs? I know the market is bad but I do not see the hordes of overqualified adjuncts said to exist in English.


    1. No. But we posted an adjunct position two years ago and got some really fantastic PhDs and ABDs. It was sad because they obviously only applied because they found nothing else.


        1. Yes. Why is an absolute mystery. In the end we hired somebody local who is tied to the area for family reasons. I think it’s wrong to make people relocate for such a crappy job.


          1. Well, we can’t find anybody locally most of the time. There aren’t enough unemployed faculty on the streets. We’ve got to hire tenure track to get anybody with real life in them. Otherwise they stay where they are.


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