The Outrage of the Day

People are so easily manipulated and riled up.

11 thoughts on “The Outrage of the Day”

  1. I got suckered into this. Mind you, the kids were still behaving inappropriately. You can see in the video that some of the boys are racistly mocking the man’s chanting/drumming. And while the boy claims he was just standing there, you can see that they start out a few feet apart, then the man stays in the same place while the boy is suddenly just a few inches from him. But the boys did not form a racist mob and descend upon the man as everyone is claiming. Without that context, the boys are just garden variety teenage assholes, which is nothing new or exceptionally terrible.

    I think I accepted the stated scenario at face value partially because this a is a local Catholic school that is full of rich douchebags and it’s the kind of behavior I’d expect from them. This is not the first time local teens have made the news for racism (google “racist jerseys” for a truly bizarre example, also a teen from the area got violent at Charlottesville), so this just felt like “here we go again.” But just because they’re people I don’t like doesn’t mean that they’re automatically guilty, nor does the fact that a story falls into a common pattern mean that it actually happened.


    1. Yes, exactly. He got in their face, so they got into his. These are teenagers, what else can anybody expect? That they’d say, “Oh, excuse us, sir, we’ll go be someplace else now”? If they did that, I’d be worried about their mental health.

      Of course, they are teenage idiots. But what kind of an adult gets into a pissing contest with teenagers? Definitely not a smart one.


      1. From what I can tell from the full video, the teens and four Black Israelites were in a big nasty altercation (which I fully blame the Black Israelites for, they’re the biggest assholes in this entire story), and the man came between the groups in an attempt to calm things down; you can see members of the man’s group interact with both the teenagers the Black Israelites. Beyond that I can’t even figure out exactly what happened, but they certainly didn’t handle it the right way.

        I was never overly concerned with the kids in the first place. There were chaperones present; why did they not intervene in any way?


        1. I don’t even see what the big deal is. Nobody came to blows, there was no violence at all. So people started at each other angrily. Somebody yelled. Somebody probably yelled something nasty. Ooh, the horror, call in the troops.

          In my country, you’d already be hauling mangled bodies out of the situation.


          1. This NYTimes article summarizes things pretty well. And now that the NYTimes has come out with an article, idiots can stop whining about how the mainstream media is conspiring to suppress the truth (jk, nothing will stop that.)

            It would be a bigger deal if they’d descended on indigenous marchers in an intimidating way as was originally implied. As it is, it’s a complete non-story. Even in the first scenario, I probably wouldn’t have cared about it for more than a few minutes if it wasn’t a local story. The reason it got big is simply that it was a viral video. If it gets big on twitter, the news media follows.

            As for why it was a viral video, it fits into a lot of appealing narratives. Asshole private school boys in MAGA hats being racist! A elderly Vietnam veteran! Today’s generation is rotten! People feel enabled to harass minorities in a way they didn’t before the Trump presidency! Newsworthy or not, it is a good story. Also videos of “some person being an asshole” go viral all the time, regardless of any of that, although those aren’t usually political enough to make the national news.


          2. Forgot to mention one of the biggest reasons this story really got people’s attention: it happened on the steps of the Lincoln memorial.

            The power of this story is more about symbolism than the actual events. For most observers, this isn’t about the individual people involved.


  2. Do you seriously think that anybody cares about the facts or the real story here? The kid’s wearing a MAGA hat and has a facial expression that can be interpreted as a smug — and that’s all it takes for the left-wing, liberal, Trump-hating media outlets to exploit.

    Even as I type this, MSNBC is playing on my television, and one panelist is saying that this video “conjures up scenes of the KKK and the Nazis…”


    1. I knew from the moment the story surfaced that something was fishy about it. The way it was presented just didn’t make sense.

      But I have noticed that there is a huge negativity towards teenagers in this country. People seem to react to teenage misbehavior and pranks with exaggerated angst. I don’t get it because it’s teenagers, you know? I was beyond obnoxious as a teenager. So what? It’s normal.


      1. But yeah, the whole story is a pretext for people to say the word Trump during a slow-news weekend. They can’t bear not being able to talk for him for a couple of days. It’s looooove.


  3. Everything about this was extremely performative and dumb.

    Or at least that’s the tenor and quality of comments I’ve seen. One guy claimed he did all this investigative reporting, dropped some unflattering breadcrumbs about one of the kids and the principal and then claimed he wasn’t interested in doxxing anyone. Really?

    Another woman thought they needed to go on a service trip to a reservation for their “learning curve.” Some woman sent some mispelled email claiming people got it wrong and claimed something else really happened then wanted the news organization to delete her email. The elder claimed that chanting and drumming in front of the kids was his way of diffusing a potential fight between the kids and a third group who apparently are a cult that was screaming Old Testament stuff?

    What high school kids actually have strong pro life/pro choice opinions? Seriously, I went to religious school and they were not bussing us to DC for these kinds of protests and we learned ALL of the Catholic doctrine. It might be a generational thing or maybe it was my particular school because my peers did not care one way or the other. They were more interested in dry humping each other.


    1. Absolutely. And how weird were the black Hebrews or whatever they are called?

      As for the kids, at least they are outside in fresh air. Better than being stuck at home playing that crazy game, what’s it called, Fortnite? I’m sure they don’t give a crap about abortion or don’t even understand it. Because as you say, at this age, that’s not an interesting issue.


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