One More Try

Putin is mentioned a lot less often on the state-owned, completely propagandistic Russian TV than in US media.

More importantly, the state-owned, completely propagandistic Russian TV doesn’t portray Putin nearly as omnipotent as the US media does.

Think about it. The entire cadre of Putin’s very experienced propagandists doesn’t even try to sell to the bamboozled Russian public (60% of which has no source of news other than the propagandistic state TV, by the way) the image of Putin as the brilliant genius of foreign policy that Rachel Maddow easily sells to her audience every day.

People in Russia would pee themselves with laughter if they could see an episode of Maddow’s show or read a single issue of the New York Times. Not only because the quality of life in Russia has dropped off a cliff since 2016, which kind of undermines the “Putin owns the president of the US” narrative, but also because the whole thing needs the kind of gullibility that no Russian is capable of.

It pains me that we are making such massive fools of ourselves for absolutely no reason other than to express, for the millionth time, our dislike of Trump. It just isn’t worth it.


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