The Real Evil

Tucker had a great segment today on how Purdue Pharma engineered the opioid crisis. You can never say enough about the issue for my liking, so I’m happy.

I don’t know, maybe Maddow is talking about the evil Sacklers, too. I haven’t been able to make myself watch her for a year.

Nobody even knows who the Sacklers are, yet they caused more deaths of human beings than Trump ever did. And so did Obama but that we do know, right?


8 thoughts on “The Real Evil”

  1. It’s pathetic that it has to be Tucker Carlson covering this stuff. Are we really gonna give Fox News the moral high ground on this? At this point I’ve mostly disengaged with the liberal media despite being a loyal Democrat; if you ever find a quality liberal/left news source, website, etc. I’d love to hear about it but from what I can see it’s slim pickings.


    1. Yep. My feelings exactly. This is an issue that there is literally no reason not to talk about. Evil, greedy corporations lied to the public and poisoned many people. It’s a textbook liberal issue. We should be able to come together about this.


      1. Coming around this issue would require caring about a “white people problem” affecting all those shitty Trump supporters whose lives we don’t care about.

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          1. The majority of Democratic voters don’t think this way, but the crazies are overrepresented among primary voters. In case you’re ever wondering “why is so and so catering to the crazies, who are a small portion of the population?”, this is why; they matter in primaries. Even among normal people with basic empathy, people prioritize the issues that affect them, and I don’t think the opioid crisis is a big issue in most Democrats’ lives. Candidates reflect their voters.

            However, states that don’t normally get much of a voice in the Democratic party like WV, Ohio, etc. get more of one in presidential primaries. Ohio is unfortunately fairly late in the primaries and likely won’t have much of an impact, whereas California is early on. However, Iowa and New Hampshire are the first two states to go, so not all hope is lost.


  2. I’m not a big fan of Tucker Carlson. In his present reincarnation — which, despite his adamant denial, is vastly different in both demeanor and viewpoint from his previous shows on CNN, PBS, and MSNBC — he’s too rigidly conservative for me.

    He seriously thinks the country would be better off if married women left the job force and stayed home all day with their children??

    He seriously thinks that immigrants as a whole make the U.S. dirtier and dumber?? (Notice that he makes exactly the same mistake as liberal pundits here — not
    distinguishing between illegal and criminal immigrants and those entering the country legally).

    And that constant scowl on his face! He’d be more appealing if he went back to a pleasant manner and those old bow ties.


    1. Ok, this is kind of weird. He’s too conservative for you but not conservative enough for me. How did we get here??? :-)))

      The whole famous “immigrants make the country dirtier” line comes with his preoccupation with littering. People from second and third world countries do litter. It took me 15 years to learn not to litter like a crazy maniac. Back home, when we were done with an object, we just threw it out of the window. Once a neighbor replaced his toilet and threw the old one out of the window. From the eighth floor of an apartment building. It’s normal in my country.

      I actually appreciate Tucker bringing up littering in the context of immigration because nobody else does and it’s so true. It takes forever to learn not to do it. And that’s me, somebody whose every family member for 4 generations is college educated. Imagine what less educated folks are like.


  3. “How did we get here??? ”

    Well, according to the cable news channels, it’s a “super blood wolf moon” shining down out here in the clear desert night.

    All that extra light messes with my mind, what can I say?


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