AOC just announced that the world “will like end in 12 years. Like?”

She’s a cartoon character. But at least she’s not blonde, so one can go, “Hah! There are brunettes who are a lot dumber than blondes! Let’s roll out the brunette jokes now!”

It bugs me, though, that people excuse her Valley Girl act as stemming from her youth. My students are a decade younger, and I’ve never seen anybody among them so. . . how do I put it. . . unspoiled by intellect. I watch her for two minutes and feel a deep need to go give hugs to my students for not being like this.

It’s so sad she can’t run for president now. Imagine her debating Trump on stage. It would be a total “who’s on first, circa 2020.”

“Mommy, I want to watch cartoons.”

“Here, honey, sit next to mommy and watch the presidential debate. See all the funny characters?”

5 thoughts on “Cartoonish”

  1. Actually, she’s VERY entertaining!

    Also, she’s serving a very useful purpose: Dragging the Democratic Party far toward the radical left, where it will never win general elections at a national level, and scaring the hell out of the old white party dinosaurs like Schumer and Pelosi. 🙂


    1. Just like Trump! He’s very entertaining. He wiped out everybody in the debates because he was fun to watch.

      And she’s not radical. She’s radically anti-intellectual.


  2. I am not certain she is wrong, at least regarding a world fit for humans. The world and its systems are strongly non-linear and likely meta-stable, though this last is hard to prove mathematically. More related info:

    Click to access deepadaptation.pdf

    I don’t think people realize, or perhaps don’t want to realize, just how dire a situation we’ve gotten ourselves into here with climate change and its possible effects. It’s the kind of thing that will happen not much then a whole lot at once.

    So, the earth itself will be fine. But she’s using “world” as a metonymy for humanity, which is common, and it’s not clear she’ll be wrong.


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