Snowflake Storm

I can just imagine what it would look like if students adopted the media-approved excuses for ignorance.

“The Spanish Civil War started in 1492! In Chile! And Australia won!”


“Well, I might not be factually right about every detail, professor, but I’m morally right. Will I get credit for this assignment? Don’t you care about morality? Or would you rather nitpick these insignificant little factual inaccuracies? Besides, the world will end before the end of the semester, so why do you want me to care about something so unimportant in the face of the impending apocalypse as the Spanish Civil War?”

5 thoughts on “Snowflake Storm”

  1. I’m especially impressed by how much support this notion is getting in places like the Guardian and Slate. It’s comforting to know that we have a press corps that’s fully on board with proposition that getting your facts right doesn’t matter.


  2. “The Spanish Civil War started in 1492! In Chile! And Australia won!”

    Now that’s just ridiculous. Everyone knows that the Ottoman Empire won the Spanish Civil War.


  3. I thought you already had students who disputed things like dates and places because “in my opinion”….

    But anyway, everyone knows the Spanish Civil War was neither Spanish, Civil nor a War…


    1. I vastly prefer “but it’s my opinion” to “this is morally right.” Opinions are, at least, all equal. Morality, however, puts you in a position of superiority. The former is simply ignorant but the latter is actually dangerous.


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