Tipping Point

God, folks, it turns out that AOC isn’t just dumb. She’s actually evil. She promotes extreme forms of child abuse. These are really, really horrible people she’s allied herself with.

Look, I understand the desperation of wanting to see somebody in politics take climate change seriously. I feel it, too. But one can’t start using the logic of Trump voters to excuse absolutely anything in exchange for having the issue one cares about being mentioned every once in a while. People who kept telling themselves that yes, he’s ignorant, yes, he sends idiotic tweets but he does mention the working classes and the opioid epidemic, and that’s what matters – those people had to experience a wake-up moment at some point. Like Charlottesville. If that didn’t change one’s mind and make one see that there’s something deeply wrong with this guy, then there’s just no excuse.

And this is the same thing. Useful noises about climate change can’t excuse support for mutilating children. There’s got to be a limit to what one can accept. Besides, a billionaire can’t truly care about the working classes. And a fanatic of neoliberal mentality at any cost can’t do anything about global warming, which is actually caused by this very mentality.

I know it’s easy for me to say all this because I disliked both Trump and AOC from the start. But take any politician I admire – there aren’t many, so let’s say Ukraine’s President Poroshenko or even Vynnychenko, the Prime Minister of the Independent Ukrainian Republic in 1918 and my favorite writer – and I’d absolutely drop either of them over Charlottesville or Mermaids.

OK, I will now go try to salvage the rest of my sick day.

10 thoughts on “Tipping Point”

  1. As someone said… I’ll always remember 2018 as the year that the media tried to convince people that a 10 year old ‘drag queen’ dancing in a bar while men threw money at him and another 10 year old ‘drag queen’ posing with an adult naked man was normal.


    1. I didn’t even write about that story because I was too traumatized.

      When some people were saying a few years ago that pedophilia was going to be normalized under the guise of choice, everybody laughed. And it didn’t even take very long. And where’s the outrage? Outside of a few Christian websites, nobody gives a crap.

      The real danger of neoliberal mentality isn’t economic. It’s this. There should be no obstacle to consumption, no matter if you consume things, people or children.


    2. And the arguments that Mermaids use are identical to the pedophile arguments. Some children are more mature than others. Some children really want this. It’s really who they are. It shouldn’t be about age but about maturity. Children need to be able to express their true selves. Identical. And nobody cares.


    1. Honestly, this all sounds completely invented. The only abnormal thing here is pubic hair. Which is not that big of a deal. Erections, sexual curiosity and anger happen in many kids without any genetic mutations or whatever. Most kids learn to masturbate by 5, what’s the big deal?

      I think the kid was fucked up because his parents were fucked up. With normal parents, this would be an insignificant blip.


  2. Besides, a billionaire can’t truly care about the working classes.

    This is certainly true of most billionaires, but what about billionaires (like Oprah Winfrey of J. K. Rowling) who WERE working class to start with? Does ones class magically change with the acquisition of wealth? I suspect not.


  3. I was prepared to have different feelings about Mermaids than you, as we have very different opinions on trans children. However, looking at the linked article, I am not a fan. “It is continually butting heads with Britain’s National Health Service in its efforts to, as the Times of London reports, “overturn an NHS ban on under-16s being treated with cross-sex hormones, which cause permanent body changes and compromise fertility.” I’m very much in favor of a ban on under-16s being treated with cross-sex hormones. Especially considering hormone blockers are available at a younger age, having to wait until you’re 16 is not a big deal at all, and provides protection both from childhood confusion and weird, sick parents like those of the drag kids.


      1. Were they involved in that case where the police showed up at a man’s door because of his tweets that you linked a few weeks back? I don’t care if someone is spouting the most vile positions imaginable, it shouldn’t be illegal. But the USA is the only country I know of that values and legally protects freedom of speech like that, which is why I’m glad to be here, and why I’ll be sad when the nation state model fully disintegrates.


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