Dinner Party

I have a weird mix of guests at tomorrow’s dinner party. There are the folks with the typical American palate (won’t touch any protein other than chicken, detest vegetables, and believe that grains are weapons of torture). Then there are the chi-chi fru-fru vegetarians who want exotic flavors and bright colors. Then there’s me. And N. And then there are kids. One is too little to expect much, so that’s a relief. Another is a super picky eater. And the third is Klara.

So I’m doing baked chicken thighs and mashed potatoes for the Americans. Vegetarians get portobello mushroom steaks with fresh basil, heirloom tomatoes and parmesan on top plus a salad with 3 kinds of sprouts, radishes, cucumbers, pine nuts, and soft-boiled eggs. Thank God, they are not vegan. I can do great vegan but it takes a buttload of time.

I need to remember to pick up ketchup because I heard that you can get anything into the picky eater if you douse it in a gallon of ketchup. The ketchup-loving vegetable hater is the child of the chi-chi vegetarian, by the way. It’s hilarious how that works.

Bernie Wants His Balls Back

Bernie is getting fed up with identity fanatics in the party:

Many of my opponents think that all that we need is people who are candidates who are black or white, who are black or Latino or woman or gay, regardless of what they stand for, that the end result is diversity.

Is he finally realizing that courting the loony wing is a waste of time anyway? I hope so. I’d definitely vote for him over an empty blabberer like Kamala Harris or a silly airhead like Kristin Gillibrand. She shape of anybody’s genitals is the absolute last thing I care about in this election.

Of course, I’m still for Sherrod Brown or Tulsi Gabbard over Bernie. But if they can’t make it, he’s a decent choice.

Mexico and Globalization

By 2010 Mexican drug cartels were active in 50 countries around the world. Obviously, they’ve achieved a lot more since then. This is a truly global phenomenon now.

I can’t tell you, folks, how much my heart bleeds for Mexico. It’s a wonderful country with amazing people and incredible culture. It didn’t have to go in this direction. Back in 1999, things were actually looking up. The PRI stronghold on the country was about to be broken, the economy was better than in most other places of Latin America. Poverty, corruption – that all existed but I don’t know, Mexico was a hopeful place. Compared to what there is now, it was almost fine.

Mexico is one of those countries that is experiencing the collapse of the nation-state in fast motion. Global crime has subsumed the national government, and the weakened government cannot oppose anything to other countries, both richer and poorer, outsourcing its problems to Mexico. There is simply nothing to stand between the good, normal people (who are obviously the majority) and the flows of global crime, capital, and problems.

When people say “globalization,” they forget to mention how huge a part of it is represented by globalized crime networks which are massively strengthened by the retreat of the nation-state.

Russian Spy

If the Maduro government falls, that would deal a massive blow to Russia’s economy. Just the threat of the Maduro government falling made Russia’s oil monopoly Rosneft lose 100 billion rubles just in one day yesterday. The collapse started after the US and Canada recognized Juan Guaidó.

If Trump wanted to do something nice for Putin in a way that nobody would notice, he’d simply stay out of the whole thing. And for the thousandth time, he does the exact opposite.

Please note that Jill Stein, a real Russian agent, immediately started channeling Putin’s talking points on Venezuela. Which is what she always does. I’m beginning to wonder if she’s a robot programmed to translate Russian propaganda into English. But whatever, who cares about her. What’s really interesting is that this happens about once a month. Trump has an easy opportunity to help Putin that his clueless opponents won’t even perceive as such and he doesn’t take it.

I wonder if Maddow will ever apologize for blatantly lying to people for monetary gain for several years. She’s either the biggest dupe on the planet or a very immoral, cynical, greedy person.

TDS Strikes Again

So I picked up the new book in the series of courtroom dramas that I’ve been reading for 20 years, right? Twenty years I’ve been following the series. It’s a yearly ritual that I get a new installment in the series. It’s a quiet, inoffensive form of enjoyment. I introduced N to these books at the beginning of our relationship, and we have some endearing memories of reading them together and traveling to the place where the novels are set. We went to the protagonist’s favorite restaurant and ordered his favorite bottle of wine. It’s cute like that.

And then, like so many other things, the series were killed for me by the Trump derangement syndrome. The most recent novel is a pro-open borders, abolish ICE, sanctuary cities forever screed that I didn’t have to wait for a year to get released. I could have watched it on MSNBC 24 hours a day, if I were into that.

What’s next? My favorite brand of apples will have anti-Trump slogans carved into them? We’ll have to recite a pledge of allegiance to the values of multiculturalist progressivism to be able to get on campus? The only way to unlock our phones would be to spit on a picture of Trump? You won’t be served a drink at a bar before you repeat three times “I renounce MAGA hats and deplore everybody who wears them”?

I need to use the bathroom but I’m putting it off because I’m afraid it will talk to me in Rachel Maddow’s voice and use the word collusion a lot.