Bernie Wants His Balls Back

Bernie is getting fed up with identity fanatics in the party:

Many of my opponents think that all that we need is people who are candidates who are black or white, who are black or Latino or woman or gay, regardless of what they stand for, that the end result is diversity.

Is he finally realizing that courting the loony wing is a waste of time anyway? I hope so. I’d definitely vote for him over an empty blabberer like Kamala Harris or a silly airhead like Kristin Gillibrand. She shape of anybody’s genitals is the absolute last thing I care about in this election.

Of course, I’m still for Sherrod Brown or Tulsi Gabbard over Bernie. But if they can’t make it, he’s a decent choice.

20 thoughts on “Bernie Wants His Balls Back”

      1. You used the “she annoys the loony wing” logic for Kamala at one point too. Tulsi Gabbard is a nut herself, supported by the kinds of people who want Nina Turner to run for president. I’m glad she doesn’t stand a chance.

        She is personal friends with and very supportive of Indian PM Modi. When he was chief minister of Gujarat he was rightly barred from entering the US due to his complicity in the Gujarat riots, and she protested this. Now as PM he continues to spread Hindu nationalism as well as his neoliberal economic agenda. She went to his party’s fundraiser in 2014. When I see him I become thankful Trump is my president; Trump bears no responsibility in any incidents of ethnic cleansing. She also seems weirdly supportive of Assad, though I haven’t looked into that much.

        She also comes from a political dynasty, which I know you hate. But if you still like her, you’re in good company; Russia Today seems to be a fan:


      2. “She really annoys the loony wing.”

        The loony left hates her because she was opposed to gay marriage way back in 2000 — as were Hillary and Bill Clinton, Obama, and just about every politician of both parties at the time.

        She’s also an isolationist who wants to pull troops out of the Middle East, but now that Trump wants that too, it’s a terrible idea.

        (If the country has to have a Democratic President in 2020, I hope it’s Biden!)


        1. Everyone opposed gay marriage back then. Not everyone complained about “homosexual extermists” or worked for a political PAC that promoted conversion therapy and opposed pro-LGBT politicians. I can live with it because it was long ago and she was in her 20s, but I can’t say I like it.


      3. If you’re interested in learning about the Gujarat riots in detail, this documentary is essential viewing. You might want to read the Wikipedia article first though; I don’t know how accessible this documentary is to someone who doesn’t know much or anything about Indian politics. Also you probably aren’t invested enough in this topic to want to watch a two hour documentary, but who knows:


        1. I’m not familiar with the reasoning of Milo Yiannopolous, so I can’t comment on this at all.

          And I don’t know what’s so provocative about wanting to vote for people on their issues and not their genitals.


              1. Yes it can, because it’s purely reactive and tends to lead to situations like the one the country’s in now.


              2. I very sincerely believe that nothing could happen in this country politically that would be worse than people like Beto or AOC coming to power. I’m reacting against something that scares me a lot.


  1. Apart from Tulsi though, I’m agreed with you about our 2020 choices. If you told me two years ago that I’d be open to voting for Bernie in the 2020 primary I’d think you were nuts, but beggars can’t be choosers.


    1. For better or worse, most Americans don’t know (or care) what happens in non-Western foreign countries around the world. Gabbard’s support of Modi is shameful, but none of her hateful critics from the left have brought this up — all the anger is over her former views on gay rights back when she was 21 years old and supporting her parents’ political careers.


        1. She truly doesn’t stand a chance to get the nomination. I’m more likely to get nominated than she.

          What’s really interesting is if Democrats will replay the 2016 campaign: Trump is evil while I support a long list of minority identities. Or if they will actually try something new.

          Let’s stay hopeful because I can’t stand to see a replay of that failed strategy.


        1. “Most Americans don’t even care about what happens in other western countries.”

          True, but at least American news channels regularly report on the Brexit fight in the UK and the yellow vest riots in France. (They like to bash poor Theresa May and clueless Macron.)

          When was the last time you heard CNN, MSNBC, or Fox News even mention Yemen, except when the commentator wanted to bash Saudi Arabia because Trump and the crown prince are big buddies? Ditto for North Korea, since it’s stopped shooting missiles across Japan.


  2. I will vote for Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden, if one of them is the candidate. But Bernie is too far left for the country, and both of them are too old. Biden would be the perfect candidate if he were 10 years younger. Martin O’Malley realized that he couldn’t be competitive, so he took himself out of the running. But he has the administrative experience and the political skills to be the best candidate. Possibly, he would be available for a draft. The active field at the moment does not look promising.


  3. Many of my opponents think that all that we need is people who are candidates who are black or white, who are black or Latino or woman or gay, regardless of what they stand for, that the end result is diversity.Is he finally realizing that courting the loony wing is a waste of time anyway?
    He’s doing that because he realizes that people might have serious objections to him running because of his advanced age even if he isn’t frail and is mentally sharp now. It is rumored that Reagan suffered from Alzheimer’s during his second term and Trump bragged about acing a dementia test. (His speech was more complex and more coherent in the mid aughts than it is now. It’s striking.)

    Bernie would be 79 on inauguration day 2021, and most Presidents attempt two terms. His parents both died when they were young. Imagine an 87 year old President.


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