Mexico and Globalization

By 2010 Mexican drug cartels were active in 50 countries around the world. Obviously, they’ve achieved a lot more since then. This is a truly global phenomenon now.

I can’t tell you, folks, how much my heart bleeds for Mexico. It’s a wonderful country with amazing people and incredible culture. It didn’t have to go in this direction. Back in 1999, things were actually looking up. The PRI stronghold on the country was about to be broken, the economy was better than in most other places of Latin America. Poverty, corruption – that all existed but I don’t know, Mexico was a hopeful place. Compared to what there is now, it was almost fine.

Mexico is one of those countries that is experiencing the collapse of the nation-state in fast motion. Global crime has subsumed the national government, and the weakened government cannot oppose anything to other countries, both richer and poorer, outsourcing its problems to Mexico. There is simply nothing to stand between the good, normal people (who are obviously the majority) and the flows of global crime, capital, and problems.

When people say “globalization,” they forget to mention how huge a part of it is represented by globalized crime networks which are massively strengthened by the retreat of the nation-state.

3 thoughts on “Mexico and Globalization”

  1. “A new US policy goes into effect Friday that will block non-Mexican asylum-seekers from entering the US, requiring them to wait weeks or months in Mexican border cities before pleading their cases in the US.” Hallelujah! A small reform, but a positive one nonetheless. From this article:

    More details in this article. Notice that there is a migrant from Iran trying to come in from Mexico, even though supposedly the idea that middle eastern people and Muslim people are trying to come in through Mexico is a right wing lie. I’m sympathetic to Mr. Heybari and other Iranian political refugees, just don’t lie and say they don’t exist:

    I would say it’s a shame people ignored real news in favor of Kentucky teenagers, but I’m actually glad progressives were asleep at the wheel for this.


  2. I will admit I’m still keeping up with the CovCath story. Great article from Jason Williams today, much better than his last one. “Understand that Trump-hating progressives are among the worst-behaved groups in American politics, and these social media trolls thrive on creating chaos. You can’t reason with them. You can’t out-shout them.”

    Moving onto other kids, this is the latest and most disgusting drag kid story yet. I’ve talked to liberals and progressives I know, and nobody approves of this. Same goes for LGBT people I know, including drag performers. I’ll admit I haven’t discussed it with a ton of people, but I’ve heard literally nobody saying they support it; even people who think kids doing drag could be theoretically okay see that what’s actually going on is gross. So why do gay and liberal media sources have nothing but gushing praise for the adults who exploit these children?

    This isn’t new, but I just discovered it now. 12 year old boy makes enough money through Instagram for his family to buy a house. We used to call this “child labor,” I guess now it’s “freedom.”


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