Russian Spy

If the Maduro government falls, that would deal a massive blow to Russia’s economy. Just the threat of the Maduro government falling made Russia’s oil monopoly Rosneft lose 100 billion rubles just in one day yesterday. The collapse started after the US and Canada recognized Juan Guaidó.

If Trump wanted to do something nice for Putin in a way that nobody would notice, he’d simply stay out of the whole thing. And for the thousandth time, he does the exact opposite.

Please note that Jill Stein, a real Russian agent, immediately started channeling Putin’s talking points on Venezuela. Which is what she always does. I’m beginning to wonder if she’s a robot programmed to translate Russian propaganda into English. But whatever, who cares about her. What’s really interesting is that this happens about once a month. Trump has an easy opportunity to help Putin that his clueless opponents won’t even perceive as such and he doesn’t take it.

I wonder if Maddow will ever apologize for blatantly lying to people for monetary gain for several years. She’s either the biggest dupe on the planet or a very immoral, cynical, greedy person.

4 thoughts on “Russian Spy”

  1. I disagree. Maduro benefits from being able to cast his opponents as puppets of Yanqui imperialism. When Trump very vocally supports the opposition, Maduro has a card to play. If the US government just stuck to bland diplomatic statements Maduro would have a harder time of it. (Which is not to say that he wouldn’t try to paint his enemies as Yanqui puppets either way, but the US should not play into his hands.)

    A more deft US President would be bad for Maduro and good for the opposition.


    1. Money doesn’t lie. Rosneft did fall off a cliff after the US / Canada announcement.

      The card of evil imperialist US was used in Venezuela on a daily basis since 1999. Within the country, it doesn’t work any more. Nobody will come out to defend Maduro because Trump said anything whatsoever.


  2. Of course, “The Nation” magazine is calling the “power grab of the right’s Juan Guaidó” a “brazenly unconstitutional coup.”


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