TDS Strikes Again

So I picked up the new book in the series of courtroom dramas that I’ve been reading for 20 years, right? Twenty years I’ve been following the series. It’s a yearly ritual that I get a new installment in the series. It’s a quiet, inoffensive form of enjoyment. I introduced N to these books at the beginning of our relationship, and we have some endearing memories of reading them together and traveling to the place where the novels are set. We went to the protagonist’s favorite restaurant and ordered his favorite bottle of wine. It’s cute like that.

And then, like so many other things, the series were killed for me by the Trump derangement syndrome. The most recent novel is a pro-open borders, abolish ICE, sanctuary cities forever screed that I didn’t have to wait for a year to get released. I could have watched it on MSNBC 24 hours a day, if I were into that.

What’s next? My favorite brand of apples will have anti-Trump slogans carved into them? We’ll have to recite a pledge of allegiance to the values of multiculturalist progressivism to be able to get on campus? The only way to unlock our phones would be to spit on a picture of Trump? You won’t be served a drink at a bar before you repeat three times “I renounce MAGA hats and deplore everybody who wears them”?

I need to use the bathroom but I’m putting it off because I’m afraid it will talk to me in Rachel Maddow’s voice and use the word collusion a lot.

6 thoughts on “TDS Strikes Again”

  1. What’s the series (so I can avoid it, if they’re going to stick editorials into characters’ mouths or in the authorial voice).

    You could just rewatch 24…or watch the Marie Kondo series or Salt Fat Acid Heat. There’s an extended pig butchering sequence in the fat episode (the pig is already dead so it’s just about the cuts of meat.)

    I just suggested a bunch of tv… maybe go back into old school classics like Dashiell Hammett?


    1. It’s John Lescroart’s Dismas Hardy/Abe Glitsky series. And the blurb for the most recent novel was so promising. Phyllis, the prim and proper secretary who’s been working for the protagonist for 20 years, is accused of murder and everybody is stunned to discover that a 63-year-old woman can actually have a life. Everybody gets to pay for the mistake of not taking Phyllis seriously. What’s not to love?

      Except then it turns out that Phyllis is part of an immigrant-smuggling ring who bravely resists the new political leader and his lack of respect for the concept of sanctuary cities.

      It was such a good series, I swear.


  2. This post reminds me of some of the pious scolding we’ve been hearing in response to negative reactions to that Gillette commercial. “How can you possibly object to a message against sexual harassment and bullying!?”

    Answer: because I don’t think that a freaking razor company has any authority to be lecturing me about anything except how to remove hair from my body.

    The people whose lives revolve around culture wars apparently are really unable to grasp the idea that some of us don’t want politics invading and dominating every aspect of life all the time.


    1. That’s exactly my point! I don’t like Trump. I really don’t like Trump. But I don’t need to have anti-Trump messages come out of my toaster, coffee-maker, and hair dryer. There are other aspects to my life outside of disliking Trump.

      It’s like in the USSR where radios couldn’t be turned off by design, so you had to listen to the propaganda all day.


    2. Answer: because I don’t think that a freaking razor company has any authority to be lecturing me about anything except how to remove hair from my body.
      That’s capitalism for you, trying to make you have an emotional investment in a razor purchase by attempting to pole vault up Maslow’s pyramid of human needs.


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