Exercise in Logic

Russian mercenaries have arrived in Venezuela to protect Maduro.

Now would be a good time to figure out that the news sources defending the Maduro regime might be operated by Kremlinbots. The next logical step would be to realize that other news items these news outlets have been peddling might have come from the same source.

I’m only writing this because there’s been so much interest in figuring out who does Putin’s dirty work yet nobody is willing to try these easy ways of finding out.


5 thoughts on “Exercise in Logic”

  1. You’re much more adept at spotting Russian propaganda than I am, so I’ll ask, have you noticed which news outlets are most prone to spouting this kinda crap? Obviously there’s The Intercept, but everybody with half a brain knows that, and I never read them anyway.


      1. Glad they’re sites I don’t read. I think I even remember you talking about how The Nation is crap. It’s always a certain kind of lefty/progressive site that spouts that kind of complete nonsense when it comes to foreign policy. I don’t even know that it’s always stuff from the Kremlin, but I know it’s always mind numbingly stupid, and this is part of why I tend to avoid these sites. That and they tend to have very poor writing.


        1. I was a subscriber to The Nation for years. And then the war in Ukraine came, and they went unhinged. It makes no sense for me to hear the exact same talking points on Russian TV and in The Nation, so I discontinued the subscription.

          Yeah, it’s always the same kind of ultra progressive folks who buys into it.


          1. Speaking of “progressive websites with a low quality of writing,” you’ll enjoy this funny article Jacobin has about Tulsi Gabbard. I was surprised to see it there, since her fanbase is mostly composed of the kind of people who read Jacobin. If I didn’t already know who she was, I’d probably come away from this article loving her. It does talk about stuff that matters towards the end (her connections to Modi), but by that time you can’t take anything the author says seriously so it doesn’t matter.



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