Planned Parenthood

Yet another horror story about Planned Parenthood. It has nothing whatsoever to do with abortion, by the way. This one is about exploitation and sexual grooming of minors.

There are very many stories like these. And not only about sexual exploitation of minors. The organization is actively invested in the most out-there measures that promote the neoliberal worldview.

I understand that nothing is harder than accepting new evidence and changing one’s mind. For most people, letting new information come in is absolutely impossible past the age of 13. I was a rabid fanatic of PP for years, so I get the emotional attachment and the resistance to a different perspective. But as information kept coming in, I couldn’t keep playing happy ostrich and hiding from it.

Obviously, the linked story will persuade exactly no one because see above.


7 thoughts on “Planned Parenthood”

  1. This is the result of the anti-normativity of queer theory. Now the sexual exploitation of teens, pressuring others to have sex with people they otherwise would not, and prostitution are viewed as progressive expressions of sexuality that challenge oppressive sexual norms.


    1. Yes, absolutely. But the idea that every norm needs to be disturbed and every boundary needs to be breached is very useful to capital. So what are we really progressing towards? Greater capital accumulation?


      1. I am guessing, yes. Side note on PP: what individual units of it do, and the kinds of programs they have or events they give space to, varies greatly. I was surprised how conservative / white / elitist it seemed in N.O. when I lived there as compared to CA, but c’était comme ça.


  2. My reactions:
    -With a few find and replaces you could write almost the same post about the Catholic Church.
    -I have zero surprise that someone who was a teen hooker would see no problem in huge age gaps between teens and older partners. Often people who were abused have problems even identifying lesser examples of abuse because their perceptions are so warped.
    -It sounds like there was no distinction made between sex work being common for trans people because of limited employment options and it being “normal” for trans people.
    -The writer’s brief twitter bio and her tumblr makes me very sad for her. She’s not comfortable in her body at all even now.


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