Sorry, I Couldn’t Resist

Some women are no good. They gossip, they hit their kids and cheat on their husbands. They bring pedophile boyfriends into the home and let them abuse the kids. Is this the best a woman can get? Be the best a woman can be instead!

Some African Americans… OK, this isn’t funny even as a joke.

Some Ukrainians become alcoholics. They engage in extreme rates of domestic violence, don’t pay taxes, cheat on exams, and whine like it’s their job. Is this the best a Ukrainian can get? Be the best a Ukrainian can be instead!

And so on.

3 thoughts on “Sorry, I Couldn’t Resist”

  1. How long before we see articles from Millennial women essayists saying “I went to a guy’s house and had sex with him, but afterwards, when I used his bathroom I saw that he doesn’t use Gillette razors. Now I feel raped”?


  2. In “The Emperor’s New Clothes” the Emperor was finally exposed for his fraud only because it was a small child who was the one to exclaim “But he isn’t wearing any clothes! He’s naked!!”
    …because kids are still “unrefined”. They still “haven’t grasped the ethos of one’s culture and traditions”—they’re “still learning”. So it’s “cute” when they say something starkly abrasive.

    But an adult who does the same stands to find themselves accused of “treason”, “disrespect”, “inappropriate” or “abusive” language and behavior.

    As adults, just candidly and earnestly pointing out the obvious or even certain dark underbellies puts us at a great risk, because when adults say something stark or abrasive it’s not “cute” the same way it would be if it were someone “more innocent” and “less seasoned”.


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