Funny at Duke

Have you, folks, heard about the linguistic dust-up at Duke? What’s really funny is that the students are too foreign to speak English but very American when it comes to manipulating very Anglo sensibilities.

What’s even more funny is that the idiot professor was trying to be helpful.


I thought what mattered was being morally right and not getting every detail 100% correctly. So why are people so triumphantly pointing out that trafficked women are raped without any duct tape on them and not with duct tape on them? Of all the details to fixate upon, this seems like the truly shameless one.

Why the Schultz Drama?

Can anybody explain why there is so much wailing and gnashing of teeth among the excitable lefty crowd over the possible presidential run of Howard Schultz? Why are they so convinced that their snowflake candidate will lose if Schultz decides to run? Aren’t they supposed to be super confident because the gods of identity are on their side?

They seem to have zero concern that the less excitable among the Democrats won’t turn out for their foaming-at-the-mouth candidate. Yet there is great concern that this utterly unknown and deeply boring Schultz would somehow divide something.


It is customary and normal for national governments to signal their recognition or lack thereof of other national governments. This is one of the very regular practices of nation-states. It can only be characterized as “meddling” if you adopt the position of general hostility to the very concept of a nation-state.


The NYTimes has an article that tries to convince people to cook snapper, bass and branzino at home more often. It doesn’t even occur to the idiot author that what scares people away from this fish isn’t the “milky eyes” but the insane price.

Where I live, I might chance upon this fish at Whole Foods but the cost is absolutely ridiculous even for us who have an income of over 180K. I love snapper and bass, so it’s really annoying to have some spoiled brat journalist extolling the fish as if people avoided it because they are too primitive and dumb to understand that it’s no worse than “a giant bowl of cheesy pasta.”

Blogging Goals

I’m actually reaching my blogging goals very well. I reduced the number of unique blog visitors by almost 100,000 between 2017 and 2018, going from 161,000 to 69,000. At the same time, the number of comments grew by a thousand, from 13,000 to 14,000.

So we have fewer people but more profound conversations. Reducing visitor numbers is an insurance policy of sorts against unhinged busybodies who are looking for an excuse to start Twittermobbing somebody. It used to be fun to reach out to more people and have really intense discussions but those times are gone.