The NYTimes has an article that tries to convince people to cook snapper, bass and branzino at home more often. It doesn’t even occur to the idiot author that what scares people away from this fish isn’t the “milky eyes” but the insane price.

Where I live, I might chance upon this fish at Whole Foods but the cost is absolutely ridiculous even for us who have an income of over 180K. I love snapper and bass, so it’s really annoying to have some spoiled brat journalist extolling the fish as if people avoided it because they are too primitive and dumb to understand that it’s no worse than “a giant bowl of cheesy pasta.”


4 thoughts on “Elitist”

  1. Try reading the Wall Street Journal. Of course they have no pretensions to being a paper of the people so they have a section called “Mansion” and they stick one lifestyle story on the front page. They package a nice glossy magazine every two months that is pretty fungible with Destinations the American Express magazine.

    I don’t think prole publications exist on a national level.

    Recently (like this week or so) there were massive layoffs at Buzzfeed, Verizon Media Group and Gannett newspapers.

    The advertorial for expensive seafood pays the bills, I guess.


    1. It’s really weird because I don’t understand who the intended audience is. It has to be somebody wealthy enough to afford the most expensive fresh fish. Yet somebody with the very proletarian sensibilities of considering fish creepy looking “because it has eyes.” At the same time, it’s somebody who reads the NYTimes.

      Who are these rich woke rednecks who are supposed to read the article?


      1. “I don’t understand who the intended audience is”

        I think you’re reading it wrong. My take is that it’s for people who can afford the fish and regularly eat it and like to congratulate themselves on their good taste so the article makes a point of stressing that proles don’t like snapper – stupid proles.


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