Why the Schultz Drama?

Can anybody explain why there is so much wailing and gnashing of teeth among the excitable lefty crowd over the possible presidential run of Howard Schultz? Why are they so convinced that their snowflake candidate will lose if Schultz decides to run? Aren’t they supposed to be super confident because the gods of identity are on their side?

They seem to have zero concern that the less excitable among the Democrats won’t turn out for their foaming-at-the-mouth candidate. Yet there is great concern that this utterly unknown and deeply boring Schultz would somehow divide something.

16 thoughts on “Why the Schultz Drama?”

      1. I think the accusations of domestic violence by his ex-wife are what will sink him. Mind you, she campaigns for him now, and has heavily implied she lied during a nasty divorce, but I think that nuance will be lost on many primary voters.


          1. The more I think about this. Remember how Obama eviscerated his primary opponent when he ran for Senate? I think it was 2004 or thereabouts. It was an identical story. Allegations of domestic violence during a divorce that the wife retracted many times over and supported the ex’s candidacy. Obama wielded those ancient allegations so skillfully that he destroyed his opponent completely. And that was a decade and a half before #MeToo.

            I think our goose is cooked on this one. Fuck, fuck, fuck.


              1. No, I do mean the primary opponent. Gosh, it was such a long time ago that I can’t remember the name. With the Ryan fellow, it wasn’t about domestic violence accusations but something about voyeurism and sex clubs, right? But the one I’m talking about is the primary opponent who had identical domestic violence accusations to what Sherrod Brown has.


              2. So yes, Obama did it more than once. That’s how he wins. Love him to death but the guy can’t win anything without unleashing a rumor mill against the opponent.


  1. You do remember the 1992 and the 2000 elections, do you not?
    Bill Clinton won a three-way race (that had Ross Perot running as an independent.)
    Shrub “won”* a three way race (that had Nader running as an independent.)

    Third party candidates have never won elections in the modern era. They just siphon off votes to weaken one of the major party candidates. Whether but-for their candidacies, the elections would have gone the other way is an open question.

    *Bush v. Gore Judges who owed their lifetime sinecures to his daddy and his daddy’s former boss voted in his favor. Conveniently his brother just so happened to control the voting apparatus of the state in question.

    ** The local paper says our current governor is at an approval rating of 48% which is a “high” for him! Dude did not run a three way race so I don’t know why it’s being framed as a “honeymoon period.” Even funnier is that Scott, who won his election, has a lower approval rate.


    1. This is supposed to be an exceptional election cycle, though, because the supposedly hugely unpopular Trump who lost half of his own base and is devil incarnate will be running against the symbol of progressive purity who has a million and one highly victimized identities. The symbol of purity should be winning by triple digits (in terms of electoral votes). This isn’t Clinton vs Bush. This is a paragon of moral virtue vs Hitler. Why should we be worried?


      1. The worry is completely irrational. The election is still a long way off and it’s not clear if any significant number of people will actually support Schultz. But people are worried because the world isn’t making sense to them anymore. Trump wasn’t supposed to win, but he did and even though it looks like any Democrat with a pulse and two brain cells should beat Trump in 2020, there’s still the possibility that it could all go wrong somehow. They don’t know how, but some people are going to freak out about every possible scenario.


  2. Howard Schultz is the billionaire ex-CEO of Starbucks. (I’d never heard of him until now; he has essentially zero name recognition.) He’s stated that if he runs it will be as a third-party candidate. I have absolutely NO idea how much appeal he would have to voters — he looks like just another old rich white businessman to me.

    In my opinion, the outcome of the 2020 election is going to depend ENTIRELY on who the Democrats nominate as their own candidate –that’s what the Democrats need to be concentrating on. If they end up with a fire-breathing lefty that scares off moderate voters, than a bland third-party challenger might actually succeed in being a spoiler.


    1. It’s going to depend on whether Trump will build any portion of the wall. That’s what he was elected to do. If he fails, his voters have no reason to turn out.


  3. The Wall is a non-starter now, and Trump may lead us back into a government shut down at the end of February. That said, his shrinking base sees him as infallible. Far left candidates are non-starters as well; they’ll lead the country into another Trump win. That makes alternatives like Schultz quite attractive — and even if this group didn’t know he founded Starbucks, most of the country does. Biden would be best, but there are age and other issues, so don’t know if he can get the nomination. If Biden is nominated, Trump probably resigns immediately, in order to allow Pence to pardon him.

    The problem with the younger left is that they don’t vote. According to a recent survey released by the Census, they are even reluctant to complete Census forms, which they are legally required to do and which affects the apportionment of Federal aid to states and cities. If they want to continue to be heard — and a lot of the disaffected will be just as attracted to a far left candidate as to the far right, all they want is change from the status quo — they have to show up.


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