Bernie Is Finally Accused

I was wondering when somebody would finally accuse Bernie of being a Russian spy given that Kremlinbots worked to benefit both him and Trump equally. And now it happened!

I’m a great fan of consistency, and I don’t see how one can blame one beneficiary of the meddling but not the other. So this position is at least logical.

It’s also completely ridiculous because Bernie is a Russian spy like I’m a fan of Vladimir Putin. (For new readers: my hatred of Putin is legendary.) I admire people who can stay logical, though.


Somebody asked me why I rant about the progressive snowflakes but never against their right-wing equivalent, the MAGA folks.

The answer is that the MAGA crowd has zero power. They are as scary as an ant because they can do absolutely nothing. I mean, they can elect somebody who sends a lot of angry tweets but that’s about it.

The financial, cultural, technological, and corporate power is allied with the lefty snowflakes because they are so easy to own and manipulate. They are the rabid henchmen of capital and their utterly fake concern for the oppressed is nothing but a club they use to keep all of us in check. They are trying so hard to convince us that the MAGA hats are super scary because they are deflecting attention from themselves.