Bernie Is Finally Accused

I was wondering when somebody would finally accuse Bernie of being a Russian spy given that Kremlinbots worked to benefit both him and Trump equally. And now it happened!

I’m a great fan of consistency, and I don’t see how one can blame one beneficiary of the meddling but not the other. So this position is at least logical.

It’s also completely ridiculous because Bernie is a Russian spy like I’m a fan of Vladimir Putin. (For new readers: my hatred of Putin is legendary.) I admire people who can stay logical, though.


20 thoughts on “Bernie Is Finally Accused”

  1. “You seem to be really into middle-aged female feminist bloggers, though. It’s funny.”

    Hey, Clarissa, looks like I’m not the only person on this web site that screens McEwan’s lunatic Shakesville ravings!

    It’s like a train wreck where the overturned car wheels haven’t even stopped spinning — you can’t look away.


    1. Oh, I’ve been reading her for years and I’m not planning to stop. She’s my window into the souls of progressive snowflakes. It’s impossible for a normal person to guess what they are thinking, so I need a source.


      1. She’s…exhausting and commenting there was exhausting. I think she tweets more extensively now in paragraphs which she saves on threadreaderapp.


        1. She’s a talented writer, though. Dumb as a clam but a talented writer. God does not distribute his gifts fairly. I do have stuff to say but I’ve been sitting here, struggling with two sentences for 4 hours now. And they are still clunky and stupid.


    2. Let’s cut to the chase!

      McEwan’s raging of hatred of Bernie Sanders has nothing to do with the varying charges that she’s leveled at him over the past two years — e.g., that his Bernie-bots threw vile misogynist slurs at Hillary; that he lied about her record at many levels; that he stayed in in 2016 race long after it was obvious that he couldn’t win; that he failed to throw his support to her after he finally dropped out; that his wife is a crook in her university dealings (however that was supposed to affect the race?!); that Bernie was never a real Democrat and never supported downhill Dem races; that he never gave a damn about identity politics (and thus blacks) except as economic statistics; and finally, in her article today,that Sanders is “merely either [too grossly incompetent] to lead the way to protect our future elections [against Russian interference], or is being a fucking traitor who benefits from it.”

      Melissa hates Bernie for one exact reason. He dared to oppose her BBF Hillary in the 2016 primary, and therefore is one of the hundreds of reasons caused by by just about everybody on this planet (except Hilary herself) that the Anointed One didn’t get elected President.

      McEwan will go to her grave believing that, and in the interim will come up with a thousand more reasons to hate Bernie.


  2. This is the first time you’ve seen someone accuse Bernie? Not the first time I have, though it’s rare even among the Bernie haters.

    A disgusting story about an adult youtuber preying on a child. This article says they broke up, but they are back together (she is now 19.) I discovered the existence of this woman because I saw a video of the two kissing; she has no shame. The worst thing about the story is the boy’s mother:


    1. God. This is absolutely horrific. Horrific. What a disgusting, evil pedophile. There are no people I hate more than pedophiles.

      And I’m not surprised at the mother. Pedophiles target vulnerable, unloved children. What a disgrace.


      1. “There are no people I hate more than pedophiles.”
        Well the powers that be have been gathering steam for a big push to legitimize it so… you’re gonna have a lot of hating going on.
        This is probably because (for reasons I can’t even guess at) the number of people among the extremely powerful with a strong desire to sexually abuse minors appears to be high, very high.
        I look for an academic push next – I’d be on the lookout for papers (or even sessions) at things like MLA very soon (if they’re not there already). It won’t be direct but I bet you’ll notice it when you see it.


        1. I’ve been having a gut feeling this is going to happen, though I can’t really explain why; could just be me feeling pessimistic after researching the drag kids. How do you think it will play out, not just in academia but in the culture at large?


          1. When the entire basis of morality is consumerism in nature (meaning based on the idea that nothing is a greater measure of good than individual choice), this is, indeed, the logical next step. Until we accept that there should be limits on the insatiable human wants, it’s only going to get worse.


          2. ” How do you think it will play out”
            Beats me… I never would have guessed that transmania would be part of it… but here we are and it is.
            It will be sideways rather than head on with the aim of normalizing sex with children as a long term consequence rather than direct aim.
            Anything I can guess at will be things that deal with age. Pay attention to anything that spends a lot of time ridiculing the idea that age is important.
            -the Dutch guy who wants to lower his legal age from 69 to 20
            -the French guy who got a crapton of publicity for saying he didn’t find older women sexy
            -the middle aged guy who carries out a ‘baby’ lifestyle at home (a thing on twitter yesterday god help me….)


            1. I don’t think people doing it have the aim of normalizing sex with children, but if I think about it, the recent push to treat children as if they’re just as responsible and mature as adults (Cov Cath, etc.) could contribute. If children are no different than adults, what’s the logical end conclusion to that?


              1. Exactly. Nobody does it consciously. It’s just a logical outgrowth of the neoliberal mentality that deifies individual choice and consumption.


              2. Also, if a child can choose to cut off his penis, why can’t he choose to place it into an adult’s mouth? There is no logical way to accept one but not the other.


          3. “How do you think it will play out… in academia”
            Off the top of my head (and so probably wrong) I’d look for ‘new’ readings of texts that suggest that transgressive characters are actually far younger than most have assumed (a close reading suggests that Jane Eyre was only 16 at the end of the novel!)
            Or ‘new’ readings that sexualize non-sexual relationships (like that between Silas Marner and Eppie or Huck Finn and Jim)
            Those are probably too obvious so it’ll probably be something comparing my little pony to post-colonial discourse or something…


  3. I watched a few minutes of the CNN Town Hall tonight w/ Kamala Harris. She’s officially for Medicare-for-All, so she might be my top choice in 2020 for now. Either her or Elizabeth Warren. I’d prefer Bernie, but his age is a negative for too many people, so it’s time to find someone new and younger.


    1. It’s really interesting how the very establishment Kamala tries to out-Bernie Bernie. I can’t in good conscience vote for her (“are you aware of the perception that you are like the KKK?” was just one of the deal breakers for me), so if she’s the nominee, I guess I’m staying home on election day. 😦


      1. I’m not a fan of her and she won’t receive my vote in the primary, but the left’s dumb attacks on her where they point out times she was sensible have made me like her a little more. I’ve seen complaints about how she said that she wants to give murderers, rapists, and other violent criminals nice long prison sentences.

        The big controversy is over how she supported a law that would make it possible to prosecute parents whose kids are habitually truant from school. Everyone was complaining about how this disproportionately affects poor people, she’s heartless, this is an attack on marginalized people, blah blah blah. Crime is disproportionately committed by the poor, should we stop prosecuting all crime in the interests of fairness? Poor people aren’t helpless victims who can’t do anything right, it’s reasonable to expect a parent to take care of their child. “Personal responsibility” is a bad word to these people though.

        I don’t say any of this to change your mind on Kamala, I just wanted to share this stupidity with someone.


        1. I agree completely about how idiotic these controversies are. It’s ridiculous that candidates are not grilled on really important things and are instead picked on for crimes against the insane ultra-progressive dogma.


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