It’s Just Small Talk

What I really hate is those people who react to my comment that it’s -10°F here with pursed lips and an aggressively delivered, “This is all global warming!” I have never denied global warming and am in no need of an angry lecture about it. I’m just making small talk about the weather, thank you.

Not everything is an excuse for showing off your progressive credentials.

11 thoughts on “It’s Just Small Talk”

    1. It’s still not cold enough for me to wear a hat, even though I’ve been really sick with a monster cold for a week.

      My measure of when it’s really cold is that I disinter the hat and the gloves, and we are still not there yet. 🙂


      1. I grew up in northern Ohio, yet I still feel a sense of relief to “get the hell out of it” and get into some place warm any time I have cause to go out on an extreme cold day.
        Being born and raised in a routinely cold winter climate zone has never enabled me to grow any kind of “thick skin”. I still bitch and moan when it gets ridiculous cold.


      2. So you probably just shrug at the Chicago forecast. :-p


          1. It’s Farhenheit. And yes, school does get cancelled.
            And yes, -40 is the same in Farhenheit and Celsius, weirdly.


  1. This weird national weather pattern means that it’s warmer than normal for January in Arizona — currently 70 degrees!


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