Rich Snowflake Finds the Existence of Workers Offensive

No, it’s not an Onion piece. It’s for real.

Is the Governor of Virginia Nuts?

OK, is Northam trying to destroy abortion rights? Or did he recently experience a severe stroke? What the fuck is wrong with this mega-dick?

This is literally the argument that every manosphere creep threw at me back when I had discussions about abortion rights with them. (There are many examples here on the blog). “Post-birth abortion” was their favorite line. And now a prominent Democrat proves the point of those darn fuckers by openly and calmly stating that we are in favor of killing children who have been born.

Do Democrats have some sort of a bizarre death wish for the party?

History Lesson

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was supported by 15+% more representatives both in congress and senate of which of the US political parties?

Under which US president did the percentage of African American students attending segregated schools decline by over 50% (from 70% to 18,5%)?

Who is the US president who campaigned and won under a call for a form of reparations for African Americans? This same president instituted affirmative action in hiring for black workers for the first time in history.

Maybe everybody here already knows all this but I just discovered it, so I’m sharing the joy. Chalk it up to an immigrant’s ignorance of the political history of the new country. I’m learning, though.

Weather Bitching

Yes, it’s very cold here today. But on Sunday and Monday it will be +68°F, which is basically summer. I don’t mind the cold nearly as much as I do these constant insane jumps in temperature. It’s -12°F right now (without the wind chill factor.) How is it normal to go to summer weather (and then back) by the end of the week?

Book Notes: Imperialism, Neoliberalism and Social Struggles in Latin America

This book is very good at describing the very negative effects of neoliberal globalization on Latin America. There is a ton of useful data on the subject in this volume. But. . . it’s an edited collection, and one of the editors is writing from Havana. This means that the book gives these endless, breathy predictions as to how Latin Americans are on the verge of organizing a wave of massive popular revolutions that will put an end to capitalism in Latin America and turn every country into Cuba, which, of course, is paradise on Earth.

So I recommend it for a thoughtful discussion of the imperialism and neoliberalism part but I don’t recommend it at all for the social struggles part because it’s plain silly.

Fat Acceptance and Medical Care

And just one more thing and then I’ll leave everybody alone on this subject.

It’s not feasible to have a public health insurance system in a country that invented and normalized things like the fat acceptance movement. When people insist on leading aggressively and unapologetically unhealthy lifestyles, it’s unrealistic to ask those who don’t to subsidize the treatment of the consequences of these lifestyles.

Yes, the movement is small and marginal. But obesity rates aren’t. “Every industrialized country but the US”, which is a cliche that dominates these discussions, doesn’t have anything like this. I’m sure there are folks who have the godlike magnanimity to be happy to pay Scandinavian tax rates while seeing their next-door neighbor who weighs 350 lbs, smokes, and has 5 chronic health conditions by the age of 30.

Right now the grants and the publications of the FAM look funny. But they would look a lot less funny if my tax rates went up to 50% (that’s the Canadian rates. It’s worse in Sweden)

A P.S. to Medical

I’ve spent my whole life in state-owned health insurance systems. First, in the USSR, then in Ukraine, then in Canada, then in Illinois. And every single time, it was a very bad experience. What’s weird is that it was bad in a very similar way.

I’m currently paying crazy amounts to be on my husband’s crappy private insurance to avoid the cheap and supposedly good state insurance I can have from my work. I’m not going back to a state medical system unless Kamala or whoever force me into it by outlawing private insurance.

Yes, people have bad experiences with private insurance, too. But have they tried both systems, like I have, in order to make an informed comparison?

P.S. By the way, can anybody help me to figure out how to pronounce Kamala? I thought it was “Ke-MAH-le,” accented on the middle syllable. But people in the news seem to pronounce it as “Camel-ah,” accented on the first syllable and sounding like camel, which sounds strange.