Is the Governor of Virginia Nuts?

OK, is Northam trying to destroy abortion rights? Or did he recently experience a severe stroke? What the fuck is wrong with this mega-dick?

This is literally the argument that every manosphere creep threw at me back when I had discussions about abortion rights with them. (There are many examples here on the blog). “Post-birth abortion” was their favorite line. And now a prominent Democrat proves the point of those darn fuckers by openly and calmly stating that we are in favor of killing children who have been born.

Do Democrats have some sort of a bizarre death wish for the party?

16 thoughts on “Is the Governor of Virginia Nuts?”

  1. The proposed Virginia law is virtually identical to the abortion law that New York’s Governor Cuomo signed late week, while Cuomo was practically dancing in glee on his desktop and even had state landmarks lit up in pink to celebrate.

    But even Cuomo wasn’t stupid enough to spell out in gory detail what the new law would allow.


    1. This isn’t even abortion, though. He’s very clearly talking about what happens a while after birth. I sometimes feel like I’m losing my mind because this is the worst parody of Democrats. And suddenly it comes true.


  2. He’s talking about what would happen if a woman was in labor with a baby that isn’t viable and won’t survive, rather than him saying he wants there to be post-birth abortion. But as a politician he has no excuse for saying something that can be so easily misconstrued. He’s taken an already controversial bill and somehow made it sound more extreme.


    1. So… What would happen? He says there will be a discussion. A discussion of what? If the baby is too sick to live, he’ll die. What’s to discuss? And why did he bring up this example in a discussion of abortion?


      1. Someone asked him what would happen if a woman went into labor. I assume just discussing with the parents and explaining the situation. Beyond that, you’ll have to talk to Northam what he was thinking, that is if he was thinking at all. I also don’t really see why a bill this extreme was necessary in the first place, but that’s my view.


          1. I actually meant to link that to you earlier. Great minds think alike! Why would a paper publish this man’s unhinged ranting in the first place?


              1. Update on YA writer drama: Due to social justice harassers hounding her and accusing her of racism, an Asian-American woman has decided to withdraw publication of her novel. Sorry that this is in twitter thread form.


              2. God, poor kid. I really feel for her. And it’s such a sad irony that she feared Trump and racist hordes of his supporters, yet was brought down by passionate anti-racists and branded a racist herself.


        1. “why a bill this extreme was necessary in the first place”

          It isn’t!

          This bill — like the NY law — is a sop to the extreme feminists like McEwan and Marcotte, who are indignant that there are ANY restrictions on abortion whatsoever.

          The old laws in both states were medically reasonable: allow third-trimester abortions in extreme cases where there was a legitimate medical necessity. Reasonable medical criteria were required to determine genuine necessity.

          The new bill and law don’t impose any objective medical standards except the ridiculously vague phrase “if necessary to protect the patient’s life or health.” There’s nothing limiting how the woman’s “health” is defined — Is the woman anxious? Insecure? Depressed? A single doctor can make this decision, with no other consultation and no specific tests spelled out, and no legal obligation to apply any standards except his/her professional judgment. These laws potentially allow barbaric procedures that feminist hero Dr. Tiller went to prison for.

          Clarissa’s right: these laws are a big gift to the pro-life Republicans who want to outlaw ALL abortions.


          1. But why? Here is what I don’t get. Why? There are no issues with getting an abortion in NY or VA. No issue at all. What problem are they trying to solve with this? Why just get people creeped out with these bizarre discussions of abortion during labor?

            There is a very tiny minority of disturbed individuals who are going to like this kind of thing but they are few and far between. Why pander to them?


            1. “There are no issues with getting an abortion in NY or VA”

              You’re right: New York already has the highest abortion rate in the U.S. — reportedly an astounding (to me) one in three NY women.

              Cuomo was very obviously pandering to the radical feminists whose vote he wants. Watch the glee on his face and listen to his words when he announced this.

              The Virginia governor was just a total idiot. It’s hard to comprehend what he thought he was justifying in his statement.


          2. Actually, abortion was illegal after 24 weeks in New York before the RHA was passed. I can actually see logic for changing the law there. This was not the case in Virginia.


            1. “Actually, abortion was illegal after 24 weeks in New York before the RHA was passed.”

              The old 1970 NY law as written allowed for exceptions after 24 weeks. It stated that “Abortion is a criminal act unless 1) it is performed before the 24th week of pregnancy, or 2) it is necessary to preserve a woman’s life.”


              1. Sorry, none of the articles I read bothered to mention that! I do think exceptions should also be there if continuing the pregnancy will severely impact a woman’s health (Virginia law already makes that exception) or if the fetus isn’t viable. These laws went beyond that, and in a state like Virginia that’s not that liberal I don’t see why they felt the need to mess with things and draw attention to themselves.


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